Top 5 Mobile Apps For Social Media Marketing

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Nowadays the definition of marketing has been changed after the intense influence of social media and quick success of inbound marketing. The traditional marketing ethics are feeling outdated likewise the evergreen trends of marketing modernized with web 2.0 or social media. Currently, citations, ratings or reviews collected from blogs, online forums and different social networking sites replaced the sure shot marketing formula ‘word-of-mouth’. Different online social media platforms are helping the business owners to reach over millions of anonymous and globally scattered people for free of cost.

It is not possible to sit with a laptop or PC whole day to utilize the social media for building audience, increase sales or expanding the brand awareness. The effective SMM (Social Media Marketing) tactics must include the new technologies like using automated web-based apps or mobile apps as shortcuts for being more profitable. The following listed list of productive mobile apps will help you in strengthening your SMM campaigns on the go.

Best 5 Mobile Apps to Market your business on Social Media

1. HootSuite [Android and iOS]:

This mobile application lets its users to multitask like a pro and manage multiple campaigns and networks. Keep track of every new Facebook comment and Twitter mention from a single screen. Using this app you can schedule posts to publish on multiple platforms at the same (previously set) time. HootSuite is a dynamic and straightforward for executing and measuring success of a SMO campaign. It is now being available for iPhone, Android smartphones, and iPad.

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2. Tweetbot*[iOS]:

With an interactive user interface (UI), you can reply tweets or quote it for another tweet through a single swipe (towards left) on the smartphone screen. Simply holding the finger on the tweet for a second will pop-out useful options for making the tweet viral. This app helps its users in copying the link to tweet that, copying the tweet and emailing it. Tweetbot is a good Twitter management tool by Tapbots for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac.

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