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Top Benefits And Reasons Why To Make Your Facebook Business Page Stand Out

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As we enter the new year, many business owners have still not grasped the concept of Facebook and social media marketing. While many do “get it” and are showing effective results and “social” activity on their pages there are too many cases of business pages not being consistent with their message and/or posting strategies. Every message that is posted from your business page should be carefully thought out to attract the most engagement and have purpose behind it. Your time and others is so important. To not be strategic can become a waste of time and may lose fans because of the lack of important information, too many posts and other ways.
While some have declared Facebook pages as not effective and waste of time, it is hard to ignore a social network that is free to use and has a population of over 1.26 billion (10/6/13). Out of this group, 728 million are daily active Facebook users, including 128 million daily active users in the United States. Ignoring this market is not a wise move. Though there may be some types of businesses that may be a challenge to post on a daily basis, having a presence and being active shows that your business is human and the follower can make and keep the connection going with your (business) voice.
Today, we wanted to share other key benefits and reasons why building a strong presence on your Facebook page will be a great asset to your business and how to best use to your advantage.
Increase Your Leads:
Having a large gathering on a Facebook page is great but connecting with your “likes” through email and other forms outside of Facebook and social media is where you can keep and maintain a more effective outreach and long-term strategy for success. With Facebook seemingly reducing the number of fans that will actually “see” your posts in their personal Newsfeed, reaching everyone who has ‘liked’ your page is just not realistic. Paying to sponsor your posts and page can help dramatically but can also be costly depending on the size of your page and fans that you are wanting to reach.
Building your email list will be the most profitable as you will also be able to reach your fans in a different setting outside of Facebook. Your use of email marketing may be more effective to some than seeing your posts on Facebook and just another reminder to promote your brand to an already open and receptive ‘fan.’ Some ways to gather these email addresses are through contests, promotions and newsletter signups.
Connecting with a Focused Audience:
What is exciting about your business Facebook page is that your ‘fans’ have taken the time to either look at your page or are interested in the topic that your page is about. Your page may not come out of the gates with 1,000 raving fans that sign up to like your page but the people that have liked your page are all quality, potential leads or those that have the ability to ‘share’ and ‘like’ your page where others can discover your Facebook page and business.

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