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Top Apps For Those Who Want To Lose Weight

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Do you want to lose weight? Studies show that losing weight can be the shot in the arm

that your health needs. Since most people have smartphones, it may be a good idea to

use a tool that is always in your pocket. The best thing about these apps that can help

you get better food choices and to help you exercise more is that they’re free. Here are

the top apps that you can use to create a healthier lifestyle which can be a few taps or

clicks away. After all, we don’t want to suffer from too much anxiety and stress over

losing some weight, do we?


Fooducate is a nifty app that can spot the nasty foods that you’re not supposed to eat.

Fooducate boasts of a rich database of foods that are right or not so right for a person

who is trying to lose some pounds. And that’s not all. Fooducate can help bring some

sensible and usable information about a food item by scanning the barcode. The app will

provide the caloric information of the food and how much sugar the particular item has.

It will also give some information about the way it has been processed which can have

an impact on your health in the long run. Fooducate is available on iOS and Android for



Lovacore tells you which fresh produce is in season based on your location. This means

that you can get the freshest fruits and vegetables available and the app also provides

the necessary nutrients. Lovacore can also give you information on how long it should

take before a particular produce would be beneficial to the body. It can also help you

locate the nearest produce store where you can buy your fresh fruits and vegetables that

can help you to get nutrients without necessarily gaining some weight. Lovacore is an

app that is available both for Android devices and Apple’s iOS platform.

BMI Calculator

The weighing scale may not be telling you the bigger picture—you may need to get some

calculations done. Don’t worry because an app will do the math for you. The BMI (Body

Mass Index) Calculator that is available both for Android and iOS can calculate your

BMI and tell you if you need to bring down your weight or to ramp it up. It uses an

indicator which is useful if you are going to take out a health or life...

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