Top Five Law Firms In United Kingdom

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There are five top leading law firms in the United Kingdom. I will explain how they made it to the top and how many companies they have planted all over the world. Also how they got started and who their company was founded by.
The first company I’m going to talk about is Allen and Ovary. They were founded on January 1, 1903; the company was founded by George Allen and Thomas Ovary. They were mutual partners and decided that they needed to branch out their ideas and that’s how Allen and Ovary law firm was introduced. Allen and Ovary have about 525 partners, 5,153 people working for them, 42 offices worldwide, and there are about 29 countries that have the law firm. Over the past few years since they have started they have had a lot of different court cases, insurance cases and different things like that. Before George Allen and Thomas Ovary went into business with each other they worked together at Ronny and Co.
Clifford and Chance was founded in 1987; by Coward Chance and Clifford Turner. Clifford and Chance is a legal law firm which means they tell clients about their legal rights and problems. They also represent higher up people not celebrities, but like drug court cases and murder cases. They also have a justice law which means when a lawyer represents you then they can regard or not say anything about your case and you won’t be held accountable for your lawyer’s actions. At first Clifford Chance wasn’t one of the top law firms in London, but when they started to get more business they started to going to the top of the ranking percentage. Clifford and Chances law firm most are involved in Capital markets and helping people finance things like cars, houses, things that you would need help with money and taxes on.
Link-laters was founded in 1838; they have 29 offices, 4,500 employees, and they have 2,600 people in practice. They were founded by John Link later and Julius Dods. They were in a partnership before coming together and wanting to expand their business. They are a very small company, but they have a powerful take in the court cases they are involved in. When they first got started it was hard to start up a business from scratch and actually recruit people into the business. Therefore in saying that their company started out small, but grew into a large company says a lot about them for instance they have had a lot of cases in finance.
Slaughter and Mary was founded on January 1, 1889. It was founded by William May and William Capel Slaughter. The first time they opened an office it was in Hong Kong, and then they moved to London, United Kingdom. They have some companies overseas as well, like in Hong Kong, Beijing, China, and other countries to. Their increase in revenue prices has changed over the past few years right now their price is $416.2 million it has stayed like that since 2012.
Fresh-fields Bruckhaus Deringer was founded in 1743 by James William Fresh fields and Arved Deringer. Before they knew each other James...

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