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Top Refrigerator Brands In India 2013

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Top Refrigerator Brands in India 2013
Technology has brought many changes even in the home appliances. Nowadays we get a good variety and range of choices based on its functions, size, space and power consumption. Refrigerator too is a product that has become a necessity in every house and is no longer a luxury item. Here too manufacturers are making fridges trying to give maximum comfort with lesser work to the customers. We get different sizes with different features like frost free, double door, direct cool. A few of the best refrigerator brands include the following.
1. L.G: LG is one of the leading companies dealing in electronics and home appliances. Their refrigerators come with the latest innovative and hygienic technology. The company produces single door, double door and multi door refrigerators. They had come out with the side by side door refrigerator that has a wonder door for water with a four step purification system. One of its double door fridges has been designed to preserve freshness up to 2.5 times longer and is claimed to be the world’s first green ion door cooling technology. Some of the features of this brand include ice making, working without stabilizer and vitamin plus. The models come with new blossom patterns, freeze and cook box along with beauty and care box.
2. Samsung: Samsung is known for its superior cooling technology while storing food keeping it cool and fresh. The body of the models are attractively designed and well enhanced to give the body a sleek and beautiful look. The appliances have the capability to control higher voltage fluctuations between 135V and 290V. Its other features include energy efficient, absorbs bad odour, and keeps the food healthy. It comes in various models like direct cooling, frost free, bottom freeze, French door and side by side door.
3. Whirlpool: The brand is more famous for the 6th sense frost control technology. The device still works when the power is off because of the e-light technology. It also has a health guard door and with the vegetable crisper technology gets about 10 times more of moisture that keeps the vegetables, fruits and other ingredients fresh for a...

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