Top Six Steps To Having A Thriving Content Marketing System

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Those in the digital marketing circles and business marketers are not new to this term that has been the 2013 buzz word. How this is being carried out by every business and agency generally has a different make-up with the understanding of certain aspects and then some aspects that are omitted, simply because they do not have a system that is followed each time.
Content marketing is simply a way to offer and share with your readers and customers valuable and interesting information related to your business or organization without purposely selling what you have to offer. As similar to one of the more popular quotes from the movie, Field of Dreams, “If you build it, (they) will come.” But it’s not just enough to build consistent content but to be sure that when readers read it, they tweet it…or share, etc. This will be able to somewhat show if what you are producing is valuable content.
People tend to gravitate away from sales people if they think they are being pitched. But if a ‘sales person’ was just friendly and giving you great information and tips, you would be more willing to keep listening to them without feeling the pressure of having to buy. As is the case in content marketing, the idea is to keep giving away great tips and information, related to the area of your specialty, and in due time, through a deeper trust and relationship, logic says that when the timing is right, the product and/or service will exchange hands.
Remember, you are in it for the long haul! Don’t expect a quick sale. If it happens, it just happened to be the right timing and there were probably other factors that went into it.
In content marketing, as much as may not get the instant glory in making a sale, it is important to remember with the end goal in mind. Your meticulous, day-by-day efforts, are what is quietly driving a deeper brand awareness, generating more leads and then ultimately to more customers and sales. The content marketer’s role is one of creating and producing valued information that educates and intrigues the readership. Your job is not the same as someone who specifically was hired to makes sales. Therefore, your responsibility of a content marketer is to just keep producing excellent content.
With this in mind, does your company or organization operate a consistent content marketing system that takes place each day by you and your team? Or is every day a mystery and not specifically designed to lay out your best strategy for content marketing success? Are you and your team maximizing the reach of your blog and content? Many times, after we post a blog, we may tweet it or post it on your Facebook wall. Though this is a good strategy, promoting your content needs to be more focused, creative and targeted.
Today, we wanted to share more detailed steps into creating a thriving content marketing system for your company, organization or personal blog. Below are some insightful questions and action steps to carry out your plan to consistent...

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