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Top Three Places To Visit During The Summer

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Top 3 places to visit this summer

The temperature is rising and so is the need to escape this scorching heat. Everyone is planning a
vacation to one place or the other. But, here I am to suggest you some top places to visit this
summer and beat the heat. This is made in accordance to the budgets constraints and a very
economical trip can be made to these places.
1. Ladakh

Well, what can you say about this natural beauty? A trip to Ladakh can be referred to as an
experience of a lifetime. Just like the MasterCard’s ad says “There are something’s money
can’t buy” and surely this has to be one of those places.
If you are looking for some thrill, just grab your bike and set your ...view middle of the document...

India cannot be defined without the trio of Gulmarg, Srinagar and Pahalgam in Kashmir
You can reach Kashmir by taking a bus, or by train and you might even want to consider

What are the attractions you can see?
If you go to Kashmir, you wouldn’t want to miss the amazing Shikara rides and a visit to the
magnificent Mughal Gardens is the most popular activity. The Mughal Gardens surely attract
many photographers.
The gondola ride to Khilanmarg is one of the top things to do in Gulmarg.
Those who are seeking adventure should surely try the White Water rafting in Pahalgam.
Then there is Betab valley, which was named after a Bollywood movie Betab.

What is the temperature during summer months?
The temperature varies a lot during the summer months, with the nights being really chilly
and the days are pleasant. The temperature is usually 15-20 degree Celsius which dips to
about 7-12 degrees during the night

3. Dharamshala
This beautiful place, surely catches some eyes. Dharamshala often referred to as the city of
Dalai Lama possesses sheer beauty and a picturesque background.
The district of Dharamshala is not well known for the adventure activities, but one can surely
go and relax. The place is usually quiet and few health resorts offer amazing spa deal’s that
will make you feel rejuvenated.

The easiest way to reach Dharamshala is to take a bus, the nearest railway station is
pathankot. You can also hire a personal taxi and a guide accordingly. You can also take a
flight, Gaggal is the nearest...

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