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Topic: An Interview With A Famous Person

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If given the chance, I would interview Bill Gates. I want to do this even though he is the big bad wold of the technological era. I want to do this even though he is the evil Internet baron that wants to squash the little guy. He is worth about $59 billion, and at one point was around $100 billion. I want to do this because he too was once the little guy, and through genius, innovation, and a large amount of luck, he became ...view middle of the document...

Bill Gates represents the goal that all business men strive to realize. To quote Ted Fishman, "He may actually represent a new idea of human potential." Bill Gates, with the help of two trusted friends, started Microsoft in 1975 from the ground up. He left Harvard in his junior year to work on the company. Making a deal with IBM, he developed MS-DOS, which was the first major operating system, in the mid to late 1980s. He then created Windows in 1989. Microsoft skyrocketed from there. From that catapult launch, Microsoft began manufacturing other applications, games, and tools for businesses and individuals alike. Even at the height of greatness, Microsoft became too big. The suing of Microsoft under the antitrust laws was a major blow; however, Gates and Microsoft overcame, and the courts overturned the ruling to break up Windows and Microsoft. Gates reputation as a person has changed in the past couple of years as well. It changed from monopolistic baron of technology to charitable philanthropist. Though most view him with awe and a twinge of envy, I look at him as an innovator and one of the most important people of the 20th century.

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