Topic: Breakfast Is A Student's Warrior

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The benefits of taking healthy breakfast towards students are ones can perform better academically, keep optimum weight, and prevented unwanted diseases.
A. Healthy breakfast will lead students to a better academic performance.
1. Having a healthy breakfast is one of the ways to increase brain activity as well as cognitive.
a. Through breakfast brain get a fresh supply of glucose after fasting all night.
b. By nourishing the brain with healthy food to kick start a day it will enhance the connection between brain cells, neurons.
c. Thus, when the neurons keep making branches it will strengthen our memory function.
2. Indeed, students who eat a healthy breakfast may have longer attention spans in class.
a. Glucose that contains in our breakfast supply oxygen to fire up the brain.
b. Therefore, the messages or information keeps flowing freely between brain cells in order to make ones stay focused.
c. At the same time, it could improve hand-eye coordination.
3. Moreover, healthy breakfast makes students well behaved at school.
a. According to Zulkiple Ibrahim (2011) semi-starvation period can occur when children do not take their breakfast because when they end up going for 18 hours without food some problems from the physical, intellectual and behavioural aspects might come up.
b. Number of absenteeism and tardiness to school will decline if a majority of the school’s students takes breakfast.
c. In addition, Olsta (2013) strongly believe that morning meal gives a good impact both on intellectual performance as well as psychosocial behaviour.

B. Besides, a quality breakfast will help to keep an optimum weight.
1. Ones can reduce unnecessary weight through breakfast.
a. Breakfast increase our body’s ability to burn fat.
b. Cenzon (2011) indicates that by having breakfast we can fire up our metabolism.
c. Other than that, breakfast may reduce our hunger later in the day so it becomes much easier for us to avoid overeating.
2. Furthermore, eating breakfast gives us energy to do physical activity.
a. Breakfast help to refuel our body and replenishes the glycogen stores that supply the muscle.
b. According to Leidy (2012) consuming dietary protein during breakfast will make us feel more satiety rather than at lunch and dinner.
c. So there is no doubt that breakfast helps ones to stay active till evening to do some physical activity like cycling, futsal or playing basketball in order to keep fit.
3. Other than that, breakfast is a good lifestyle to keep a balanced diet.
a. Frank (2009) acknowledges that people’s eating behaviour can influence lifestyle while lifestyle can interfere with their body weight and he insists that breakfast is a major part of lifestyle even there are inconsistent findings about both breakfast and overweight.
b. On top of that,...


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