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Topic: "Emotional Marketing: Necessity Of Today's Marketing Management"

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The purpose of this paper is to write an analysis of an article that discusses an aspect of marketing management. During my research I was attracted to an article by James Cooper Titled, 'Emotional Marketing as the Basis of Your Promotions'; after reading Coopers article I found Emotional Marketing to be interesting, but his article did not provide enough data to satisfy my interest in Emotional Marketing . So, rather than write about a single article, I have chosen to write about the topic of Emotional Marketing and its necessity in today's Marketing Management.Marketing mangers must understand that if the consumers' emotions are addressed in the right way they could get more loyal customers. This has unlashed the approach to marketing which was termed as "Emotional Marketing" (Drypen).Cooper points out that, "Marketing to today's consumers is a challenging business because you are no longer listing the specifications of products and services. Instead you are meeting people on an emotional level to break into their consumer awareness". As part of a company's marketing strategy producers need to realize that there is a strong emotional connect between consumers / customers and the products they use.Brands that don't make emotional connections with their prospects and customers will eventually lose out to those that do. The practice of emotional marketing as it relates to value proposition is all about getting your target audience to connect with your product, service, and brand at a very basic and fundamental level - the level of emotions.When building customer value, emotional marketing can be used in influencing customer perceived value and total customer benefit. Some examples of firms that are successful in this application can be seen with top brands such as Starbucks, Porsche, and so on. These products and services make an emotional connection with the people they serve. They have met the challenge of identifying how its products/services can connect emotionally. They have explored what type of experience their product can offer its customers and the perceived value to customer above the firm's competitors.Emotional marketing can only take place once the company delivers a user experience that represents its purpose. Once the company is able to deliver on that promise, it can market the experience to consumer prospects. Companies must leverage: customer testimonials, word-of-mouth, discussion forums, and trials (marketingscoop).Ideally the company wants its products or services to deliver an experience, and gets prospects to participate along with having the experience themselves. Emotional marketing is a powerful strategy if you can deliver a strong customer experience, thus, leveraging the experience to maximize customer satisfaction in the long run.On the other hand, there are the companies that use emotional marketing when customers are having a not so positive customer experience. These companies take advantage during...

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