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Topic: Globalisation Has Been More Harmful Than Beneficial

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Globalisation has become the general phenomenon around the world. It means increasing global relationships of culture, people, and economic activities. Moreover, the free trade between the countries is measured due to the implementation of globalization. It is a concept of viewing the whole world as a ‘global village.’ But today there is a controversial debate about the topic is globalization has been more harmful than beneficial and in this essay the argument is in the favour of the topic about health, environment, and employment.

Globalization has been benefited global health is stated by the proponents of it. Furthermore, globalization has not only provided the technology and ...view middle of the document...

But on the other hand, globalization has been more harmful for the environment rather than benefits it. Nowadays, the use of natural resources is at the peak; thus pollution is increased which directly attack the ozone layer and spreads the risk to the lives. For example, today the free trade is more popular in the world and use of ships at alarming rate disturb the life of water as well as ground animals which affects the population of them, endangered and extinction of spices is also caused by pollution. Also, deforestation and the use of land to produce high quality and quantity also cause the trouble of biodiversity. For instance, the use of pesticide and insecticide is harmful, yet it is used. Furthermore, this view is advocated by Jean-Yves Huwart , and Verdier Loïc in a book that “20% increased concentration of GHG in the atmosphere is experienced by emission from deforestation and disappearance forests between 1990 and 2005 is measured 3% in the world. In addition, 200 km2 of forest land or double the size of Paris-disappears each day (2013).” In short, globalization is spreading the pollution.

The third argument is about employment. However, the followers of globalization say that it provides the jobs to many people in and out of their countries. But in fact the reality is that it just provides the work to a small proportion of people and has snatched many jobs from developing countries. For example, sometimes exploitation of third world nations is done by first world countries. Because, they not only dump their products in the local market but also create tough competing for local producers and due to the access of international brands, some local goods have no demand, which arise the unemployment. For instance, “when a...

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