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Topic: How Music Influences American Society “Music’s Aide In Humanity’s Sail Into Enlightenment” Research Paper By Suheily M. Alvarez Music Appre

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The art form of music is no different than the visual arts or the written word. Just as an artist can express what words can’t and they translate with a brushstroke, this is no different in how a musician can effectively move an entire an audience and impact them with the harmonious synchronized sound an instrument makes. I am not going to ironically write and define what music means objectively, that is what a dictionary is for anyway. Subjectively speaking, to me, music is a language that translates and reflects human emotion, expression, and our history as a whole.

History tells us that music not only helped shape movements, but it further played a major role in how we developed as a ...view middle of the document...

Not only does music measure our evolution, its also a long time acclaimed tool for both political and social variations. Many modern day musicians, like their predesccessors have contributed to shaping social movements. From the western world’s birth of jazz and rock and roll movements, to Europe’s medieval times and the church’s restrictions over music, theatre amongst other art forms; these movements helped exhume and redeem social customs, perspectives, and shaped economies.

Some notable examples would be how the Jazz age in the United States not only defined early 20th century lifestyles and cultures of americans and the world, but further accelerated civil rights ideals to progress ahead of their time. Jazz became refined with great timing, within the Swing Era, and quenched America’s thirst for a better economy right after the Great Depression. The World War II era shared both mutually gradual and major fluctuations in American perceptions, along with the way music was executed. My research resonates with this statement, “the decline of large ensembles in favor of the jazz combo was, in part, due to economic and social reasons.” ( Jazz is widely percieved as one of the top go to genres to embrace equality, and unity. It was ahead of it’s time, in a time were racial and gender roles were not questioned and segregation was the opposite of what the civil rights movement aimed for.

Music played a very important role in the United States’s Civil Rights movement. Notable musicans whose works are celebrated and highly acclaimed, and helped further advocate the USA’s civil rights movement for women’s rights along with racial and ethnic minorities include the likes of Bob Dylan, and one of it’s unofficial anthems such as “We shall Overcame” composed by Charles Albert Tindley, channeled a voice for the long suppressed african-american community amongst other minorities of the time. Many sources repeat the same words over and over; without music this movement would have ceased to succeed at its purpose.

Another genre of music that revolutionized both...

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