Topic: People Should Be Encouraged To Use Counterfeit And Pirate Goods Rather Than Wasting Money To Buy Genuine Products.

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Counterfeit goods, which are duplicated or represented as original products without authority or right, have become prevalent and widespread on the worldwide trade. For example, China has been acknowledged as the top country of making and consuming counterfeits with approximately 20% of counterfeit and pirate products are sold in Chinese market including almost all sectors such as food, apparels, pharmaceuticals, electronics and many others (Phau, I. & Huimin, T., 2009). However, using those illicit products can result in a number of serious problems to health, the economy, and the involvement of organized crime that people should be perceived. Thus, counterfeits should be boycotted.
Using counterfeit healthcare products may pose severe issues to customers’ health. Based on the help of technological advancements and the low cost of making fakes, many counterfeiters produced fake drugs that might have no active ingredients, diluted ingredients, the wrong ingredients, or harmful contaminants such as lead road paint, floor wax, nickel and arsenic (Lechleiter, J., 2012). Consequently, according to the World Health Organization’s estimates (n.d.), “the use of such drugs can prolong treatment periods as patients may not respond as quickly as they should and exacerbate conditions being treated. Treatment with ineffective counterfeit drugs such as antibiotics can lead to the emergence of resistant organisms and may have a deleterious effect on a wide section of the population. In extreme cases, counterfeit drugs may even cause death.” Besides, Roger Bate of the American Enterprise Institute (2012) has estimated that more than 100,000 people died worldwide every year due to using counterfeit medicines. Obviously, the health and safety of people is being dangerous by the risk of using counterfeit pharmaceuticals.
The illicit trafficking of counterfeit goods also has negative effects on the innovation and growth of the economy for many reasons. Firstly, customers who unknowingly purchase counterfeit items will waste their money. Additionally, it has also reduced the reputation and sales of many well-known trademarks such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, or Hermès by duplicating the same products as famous brands, and then distributing those unauthorized copies with bargain prices into the marketplace (Flamini, R., 2013). Furthermore, governments have also lost tax revenue due to the developing scale of counterfeiting. According to Officers, the U.S. government revenue lost about $600,000 million, and 70% of unemployment in American every year because of counterfeit. Thus, not only individuals, but also businesses and governments have been affected by counterfeiting.
Another impact of counterfeiting is the involvement of crime networks. Criminals are attracted by lucrative profits involved in trading counterfeit or fake goods, or in trading legitimate goods through illicit channels” (INTERPOL, n.d.). And then, they use the profits of selling counterfeits or...

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