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The foundation of any organization requires a strong background of culture, there have to be a common goal that members of the organization try to attain, and the members have to embrace the belief, ideas and phyilosophy of the organization in order for growth to occur. Organizations therefore should have a culture imbedded in them or else like a building without a solid foundation; it is bound to fall sometime.

Cultures come in varieties of ways they can be either good or bad, depending on how the observer perceives it. In an evil culture for example it is hard for the partakers in such a culture to belief they partake in something bad because of the strong force of culture. "An interesting aspect of culture is that it creates a form of blindness and ethnocentricism"(pg 125) and when a certain group of individual become blindfolded based on their belief and ideas they tend to see what they do as right and regard other people opinion as antagonistic. Take tribal wars for example, a particular tribe see its self as righteous and they deliberately and systematically try to destroy a racial, political, or cultural group, so was the case in the Darfur genocide which has killed more than 400,000 civilians and displaced 2.5 million people from their homes. An evil culture can be successful because of the strong belief and ideas shared among its members.

Some organizations success are based on an evil culture for example the movie industry that allows the production of X-rated movies, even though they are aware that it corrupts the minds of under age individuals. The internet is a culture of any modern society, and while movie...

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