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Topic Summary Of Global Studies Topics Global Studies Topic Summary Of Global Issues

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Claudia Ramirez
GLST 102 Fall 2016
23 November 2016
One of the most challenging and devastating human rights violations our world faces today is the violence against woman and young girls. Related to the issue of violence against women includes her ability to access services for better livelihood. For example, according to George, in 2012 woman in developing nations accounted for 63.2 million unintended pregnancies due to lack of access to modern contraception (para.2). The repercussions of these actions done against woman are interconnected to the bigger problems and issues our world faces today. Problems like inequality, poverty, corruption, underdevelopment and political representation are all interconnected to the consequences of violence against women. This paper will provide a general overview of the topic of human rights violations, specifically sexual violence against women. This paper will then address the problem, the causes, and what has been done about it. Finally, this paper will make a policy suggestion on how to improve the situation of sexual violence against woman. The policy suggests that all women of Developing Nations should have accessible access to sexual and reproductive healthcare; this will hopefully provide more opportunities for woman so they may feel more empowered to take action in hopes to close the gender inequality gap.
First, this essay discusses the current status of woman and young girls in developing nations. For starters, the term inequality is of great importance of understanding the current status of women and girls worldwide. A WEF report investigates inequality by looking at whether men and women have the same rights and opportunities in each country (Grimley, para.6). They looked at health, education, economic participation and political empowerment ranked countries Yemen, Pakistan, Syria, Chad, Iran, Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon, Mali and Egypt as the top ten bottom countries in the terms of inequality (Grimley, Chart). The report also notes that a handful of countries are actually moving backgrounds in index, countries like Jordan, Mali, Croatia, Slovak Republic and Sri Lanka (Grimley, para. “Call for cultural shift”). If you take notice almost all of these countries fall in either the North African sub-Saharan or Middle Eastern regions, which asserts that woman and young girls who live in these regions are much vulnerable to lower opportunities and of experiencing violation of human rights. (Prof.) Haupt identifies the economic classification of these regions and are identified as either middle income or lower income developing nations (2016, Sep. 15). The population of developing nations accounts for 5.56 billion people in 160 countries (Haupt 2016, Sept.15). The GDI per capita for upper middle income countries ranged between $4,086 - $12, 615, the GNI per capita for lower middle income countries ranges between $1,036- $4,085, and finally...

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