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Topic: The Uncertain Future Of English As A Global Language

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Topic: The uncertain future of English as a global language
My written task is based on part one of the English course (Language in cultural context). I have chosen to do an article based on the future of English as a global language. I chose to do this because English today is gaining popularity worldwide, in certain cases influencing the syntax of other languages.
In class we spent time discussing the effects of use of English language on a global front. That is when I realized, that if English becomes the world speak; it may lead to appalling consequences. Hence I chose to write this written task, which mainly focuses on the repercussion of English as a global language.
The main aim of this written task is to analyze the consequences of English as a global language through a socio-linguistic eye. After in depth research and study, I have achieved various learning outcomes for Part 1. I have gained knowledge of the current status of English language in society, the influence of social and political factors on English language and the linguistic change which the language is experiencing. This allowed me to successfully evaluate the implications of English as a global language on society.
I have portrayed my article in the magazine, ‘The economist’, since this magazine mainly deals with contemporary issues. Hence this would be an appropriate medium to put for my view points. The intended target audience is today’s youth, aged between 17 and 25, since they are the ones who will decide the future of the language. The humorous tone has been used to grasp the reader’s attention. This text type was the most suitable as it allows freedom of expression, without personalizing it, as in case of a blog. The combination of intimate and colloquial register allows psychological connect with the audience.
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English Language: Linguistic Link or Cultural Collapse?
English is the most successful language in the history of linguistics. There has been no other language which has been able to extend its branch across borders and across oceans. As a language it has ethnic diversity; freedom to change and to be changed. Right from Shakespearean English to Modern day English, this language has taken a plethora of forms, with an array of cultural context within which is has been used. The youth today presumes this British local to have become the global future.
There are individuals who despise their own language for being minority. English language as a global lingua-franca may be hard hitting for such minority languages, leading to language shifting: a harbinger of dialect death. Linguists believe that diversity of English language may cause deleterious repercussions, such as extinction of minority languages. This will lead to cultural homogenization, and hence loss of tradition value systems and beliefs.
Today, developed countries have English as their mother tongues, and most developing countries have accepted English as their second...

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