Topic Three: The Mobile Phone Friend Or Foe?

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Commonwealth Essay 22 January 2005Tanya HöpkerGrade 11QTopic three: The mobile phone-friend or foe?"Do not forget to pick up the files from the client," Michael demanded to his assistant over his mobile phone, "and then you can drop them off with my secretary.""That will be all for now, I will call you if I need anything else," he said, ending the call and shifting into third gear.Five minutes later Michael was speaking to his assistant again, "Sam, I forgot to tell you, Avcom must sign the papers before Friday, or else the deal will be compromised.""No, I am sorry we can not extend the time period to Monday, it is simply not possible. I will speak to you later, I have an incoming call."Michael quickly rearranged his hands on the steering wheel and answered the next call, "Michael Bowers speaking.""Oh hello Margery, how are you today?" "Perfect, lunch on Sunday will work out just fine. We will come at about twelve noon, does that suit you?""Excellent, see you then!" Michael finally put his mobile phone down as he drove through the front gates to his enormous house.Michael is the manager of a prestigious advertising company called Agent Advertisers and is constantly in demand. He is also part of a family of five; he has a gorgeous and caring wife named Shannon and three children.Unfortunately Michael has little time for his family as he is always working. His days seem to consist of paper work in his office and driving around to the different locations, where all the projects he supervises are worked on. Yet the one item that Michael could not live without is his mobile phone. It has to go everywhere with him, his work life revolves around it. Michael's position as manager forces him to be accessible and in contact at all times. He is constantly receiving phone calls and calling others to check up on them.It often bothers Shannon that Michael is relentlessly speaking on his mobile phone. They can not have a minute of peace. Michael would take Shannon to lunch or out to dinner on special occasions, but he would always end up talking to others for half of the meal."Michael!" Shannon would sternly say."Just a minute, honey," Michael would reply, as he would continue to chat for another five minutes. It drives her wild that at home, at meal times and even on holidays, Michael is always attached to his mobile phone. Shannon can not accept that Michael is not capable of separating his private life from work. Before he had a mobile phone, they were able to spend quality time together, but now that he owned a mobile phone, his colleagues could contact him everywhere, at all times of the day. Michael has developed an annoying habit of not planning his phone calls correctly and is constantly phoning people once more, without considering that he might be interrupting them."Michael," Shannon calmly said one evening."Yes dear," he answered."I want to speak about your career and how it...

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