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Topics For My Exam Essay

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A Stitch in Time Saves Nine This is an oft-repeated proverb. Like all proverbs. It too aims at keeping people away from mistakes, and their consequent results. More often than not they come to our help when we do not know what to do. This one is a sort of spear against the devil of carelessness. Literally, it means, when a garment has just started wearing out, if we stitch it at that very time, it may last well, for some time. But on the contrary, if we avoid stitching at that time, then, after a few days, the whole dress may become a jumble of threads, you may not be able to repair it at all. Similarly, the proverb is applicable in all other spheres of life. Suppose, one is participating in a horse race. If he does not check the hoofs of his horse at the time of starting, it is very probable, the horse may falter, and thus the man may lose the race. That one second's care, might have won him a prize. We should look before we leap. After the leap is taken, even ten looks may not be sufficient. A man falling ill, may be cured by ordinary medicines, if given in time. But a few days lapse may make him unfit, for any cure, even with costly drugs. A definite and timely action at that moment is very important. A ship may sink, if the crack, once noted by the crew is not immediately plugged. So we say, a stitch in time saves us from having none stitches later on.Once upon a time, there lived a man and his family. One day, he woke up in the morning to find his son very sick. His wife told him that he should send the boy to hospital but he refused. The man told his wife that his son would soon be well. He went to a herbalist for some herbs, but anytime the boy took the herbs, it rather worsened the case. Every day the boy got very weak and anytime the man's wife told him to take the boy to hospital, he told her that the boy would soon be well. After some time, his wife also fell sick. She was also coughing. The man did not care about that. All he cared about was his work and how he would make money. His brother reported him to their parents. The parents called him and told him to take his family to hospital but he told them that it was nothing serious but a common cough. One day, the man's brother went to his brother's house and took the sick people to hospital for check-up. They were diagnosed of tuberculosis and admitted at the hospital. The next day, the man also began to cough seriously and was rushed to the hospital. He was also diagnosed of tuberculosis. He stayed in the hospital for some days and later the doctor told him that he could not be treated because the disease had reached a terminal stage. His wife and son could also not be treated. His family heard about the news and rushed to the hospital. The doctor asked them why they had waited so long before bringing the sick people to the hospital. The doctor said if the man and his family had been brought to the hospital early, they could have been saved. At that point, the man said if he had...

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