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Shirts Essay

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There are few things on the minds of gamers more then the current console wars between the PS4 and the Xbox One. This time, the field is nearly level on the hardware front and the services offered are very close. The devices are very similar but there are some obvious differences. Microsoft and Sony have different end games in mind and their products reflect those philosophic differences. It is in the fine details that the differences will emerge.

Microsoft intended to make the Xbox One into more than a gaming console. They designed a device that is capable of full integration into your media center. The machine can even be placed into the driver's seat. It can control your cable box and other devices. The system has access to more content apps like ESPN, the CW and possibly even HBO Go one day. Media is a large part of this console's usefulness. It is designed to allow you to enjoy it easily with no fuss.

The PS4 does not have the same level of media integration as the new Xbox. The PS4 does have many of its own media content apps and services available. Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu and even Amazon are fully incorporated. Another boon for the PS4 is that the console has no pay wall between it and the freedom of web based services. This won't change soon, Microsoft has no plans to change its policy on Gold accounts being necessary for streaming or other internet functions.

One point that keeps coming up is that the Xbox One costs more than the PS4. It does cost more too, roughly a hundred dollars more. The difference in price is attributed to the next generation Kinect sensor that is standard. An upside to the Kinect 2.0 hardware being included is more games will have sensor capabilities built in for more gaming immersion. The PS4 does have an optional camera for around 60 dollars. While the lower initial price is nice, the hardware may not have as many games developed for it.

Both makers have revamped their game controllers. The DualShock 4 has a new 'share' button and...

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