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Tops Friendly Markets Case Study

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TOPS Friendly Markets Case StudyPrinciples of MarketingIntroductionTOPS Friendly Markets is a supermarket chain that is found in the western and central regions of New York and in north Pennsylvania. There are a few supermarket retailers located in Vermont and Ohio as well (TOPS Your Neighborhood Store with More, n.d.). It is originally based out of Williamsville, New York. It operates over 133 full service supermarkets in total. Each of these companies serve as strategic business units for the overall corporation TOPS. There are approximately 13,000 associates within the TOPS Friendly Markets work force (TOPS Your Neighborhood Store with More, n.d.).Analysis of the company's structure ...view middle of the document...

Current StructureBeginning in 2003, according to the TOPS Friendly Markets website from 2012, Ahold which was the owner of the company at that time failed to communicate effectively and was undeniably in debt facing bankruptcy. It was then when TOPS was forced to start closing stores and selling some of their attributes including their convenient stores TOPS Xpress (TOPS Your Neighborhood Store with More, n.d.). The company continued to have its ups and downs all throughout the next decade. It was rumored that Price Chopper wanted to buy out the chain when Ahold announced the sale of all remaining company based stores (TOPS Your Neighborhood Store with More, n.d.).Luckily, on May 25, 2007, Burt P. Flickinger III announced that he and his team of investors were interested in purchasing the Tops Markets chain. Flickinger's family played a crucial role in creating the company and co-financed the first 60 Tops Friendly Markets stores that opened (TOPS Your Neighborhood Store with More, n.d.).With the new CEO of the company in place the company seemed to be on the right track and gaining a strong standing within the competitive grocery retail business. The company began its expansion again when Tops was confirmed as the high bidder of Penn Traffic and on January 25, 2010. It was due to a federal judge that signed off on an agreement in US Bankruptcy Court to confirm the sale (Anonymous, 2010). The purchase will stretch the company's footprint from Pennsylvania to New Hampshire. The Penn Traffic deal was for 79 stores total. With such a solid footprint within the grocery retail business TOPS Markets has been ideas for the future and plan to expand even further internally and externally at each of its locations (Anonymous, 2010).Primary TargetThe primary target group of TOPS Friendly Markets includes all members of the local community and more specifically it will be the local families that will be shopping the most and providing the greatest amount of revenue for TOPS (Robinson, 2012). People purchase products or services for three basic reasons according to Guille's "How to find and sell to your Target Market" article, which is to satisfy basic needs, solve problems, or to make themselves feel better. Locals are the primary target for TOPS Friendly Markets because they all share these same reasons for shopping and due to the diverse amount of products and services available to them more locals are drawn in to shop at TOPS Friendly Markets (Robinson, 2012).When analyzing the primary target of TOPS Friendly Markets which is the local community members and families it is important to look at specific demographics of this target group. Due to TOPS Friendly Markets having a broad primary target group analysis will show how age, marital status, and family life cycle will be the most influential market segments of this target group (Robinson, 2012). Middle aged people, they married, or those people that shop for their families, will be the specifics when...

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