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Toronto Maple Leafs Essay

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The Toronto Maple Leafs cup contenders? Impossible, you might say, and that would have been the case just a mere two seasons ago when they fell off the cliff and crash landed into the bottom of the Eastern Conference, but the Maple Leafs are a different team now. They have rebuilt, oted, and redeemed themselves in a city where winning has become a dot on the horizon. They have accumulated all of the things that take a team to the playoffs: improved defense, explosive offence, and unbelievably talented goaltending. With the fresh vision of their head coach, Randy Carlyle, the Toronto Maple Leafs have become a team with a shot at the playoffs this season.
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On January 1st, 2014, the Leafs acquired Tim Gleason, part of a trade that sent John- Michael Liles packing his bags and heading off to the Carolina Hurricanes. As a manager Nonis was clear to point out the Leafs possessed no shortage of “puck moving” defenseman in Jake Gardiner, Morgan Rielly, and Cody Franson. What they needed was someone who could play clean defense and little old Timmy was the perfect pick to fit that position. Lastly, head coach Randy Carlyle has been running a new defensive system for his team, which has played a large role in their recent success. With the defensive veteran, Paul Ranger making his way back into the lineup, Carlyle has decided to roll with seven defenseman and eleven forwards. At first the common reaction was that Carlyle was out of his mind, but as he continued to develop the new system, it was patent that the impact it had on the Leafs defense was remarkable. Lastly, one of the greatest reasons why the Toronto Maple Leafs have been seeing such a great improvement on their defense is because of their rising captain, Dion Phaneuf. Playing an average of 24.55 minutes a game, Phaneuf has began to develop into a great player who does all the little things that might not show up on the score board, but they certainly count towards the things that do. Phaneuf leads the defensemen with the most points(31), highest plus minus(+13), most shots on goal (131), and average shift length( 29.4 seconds), making it clear that he is more than just good. He is great. With these recent improvements the Leafs have become a completely different team that have made it obvious that they won’t settle for just making the playoffs this season; they want to go all the way.
Furthermore, another reason why the Toronto Maple Leafs are sure to make the playoffs this season is because of their explosive offense. With the recent additions of James Van Riemsdyk, Nazem Kadri, Dave Bolland, and Mayson Raymond, it is easy to say that the Leafs possess one of the greatest group of forwards in the league. To start off with, one of the greatest reasons why the Maple Leafs have been seeing such success from their forwards is because of their top line which consists of Phil Kessel, James Van Riemsdyk, and Tyler Bozak. With Kessel on his way to a forty goal season, and James already beating his career high with twenty seven goals and twenty nine assists the leafs top line has become one of the most explosive lines in the National Hockey League. The top line has been a main cause of the Leafs recent success, and with them the Leafs have an increased chance at making the playoffs this season. Along with the success off the top line, the buds have also become a much better team offensively because of their sensational power play. With the third best power play in the entire National Hockey League, the Leafs have become a major offensive threat with the capability of turning nothing into anything. With this mentality anything is possible for the...

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