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The Statue Titled Torso Of Venus

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The statue titled, Torso of Venus, was a replica of the original work by Praxiteles. The Romans made the sculpture in 1st or 2nd century AD during the time of the Late Antiquity period; more specifically known as the Pre-Constantine period. Like the original, the statue was made out of marble. The Torso of Venus is a statue of the goddess Venus, known commonly as the goddess of love and beauty. It was said that she was born, or emerged, from the sea foam. Venus, or Aphrodite to the Greeks, was the embodiment of beauty, sexuality, love and fertility. I believe the Torso of Venus was the Roman version of “Aphrodite of Knidos”, which was one of the most famous works of the ancient Greek sculptor Praxiteles of Athens in the 4th century BC.
The voluptuous goddess is sculpted nude and you can see her torso is slightly angled forward, creating creases across her waist and above her navel. The way that the abdomen is defined suggests that she was likely standing with her weight on one leg, likely her left leg, while her right leg was probably slightly bent and sticking out in front of the left. I am not certain if the legs were not made or have fallen off and only the torso remains, but I believe they have probably fallen off or were dismantled, along with the arms and the head. Overall her body is a spiral composition. She has a slight turn of the body from the hips to the shoulders, combined with the outward thrust of the right hip, resulting in a fascinating S-shaped pose. The torso is carved with careful naturalism, with an effort to achieve ideal proportions and harmony of line. However, for there is no exaggeration or unbalanced emphasis, and the figure 's essential dignity is evident. The artist has made human beauty sublimated by artistic vision. While, making an object of aesthetic contemplation rather than of sensual appeal.
The statue is made with a polished white marble and it has a sheen effect to it. It looks like the color has been stripped away over the years and it now has black and brown marks surrounding it. The statue has dents and what looks like bruises all around it. While this sculpture is made in a traditional manner like most sculptures during this time period, the statue has a very elegant and graceful appeal to it.
The sculptor emphasized a lot on the curves of her body, which is to be expected considering she is the goddess of beauty. This statue is all about the beauty of a woman’s body. Since Venus was the goddess of love and beauty, they intentionally made sure certain parts of a woman was expressed and exaggerated like the abdomen, hips, breasts, thighs, and vulva.
The texture of the statue looks to be very ruff and unpolished. I believe if I were to touch it, it would be very bumpy or feel like a sheet of sand paper. To create this sculpture I believe they used the chip and file method. With this method, the sculptor gets a big block of stone then slowly uses a chisel and hammer to carve the desired figure.

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