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TORTILLA FLAT by John Steinbeck Henry James wrote that the novel is to be experienced--therefore the reader must completely understand what happens in it. You should appropriate comparisons, contrasts, draw analogies of what is in the novel and one's own experience. While the elements of fiction are important in isolated ways, relating the parts is most important. A novel should show, "a direct, personal impression of life." The form of the novel is so free, so liable to variation, so open to innovation, that an exact definition is not possible. Different things happen in novels; the situation changes. Each connection becomes the province of the plot. The position from where events in the plot are reported is the point of view. What do the viewing characters perceive in Tortilla Flat? Is there omniscience--an all-seeing, all-knowing narrator? The shifts in point-of-view is also common in Steinbeck's novel. The theme is the personal and direct impression of life which Steinbeck projects.The setting in Tortilla Flat shows the story took place in a certain time and place. Setting also reveals character. Symbols, ideas beyond the object itself and images, perceptible to the senses--the novelist's use of concrete objects and events is most important in letting the reader know what is meant and how the writer wants the reader to feel about what is going on. Tone is the result of style [style recommends certain attitudes or conclusions following technical means of diction, syntax and imagery. Serious style employed to recount ridiculous events often helps establish a comic or satiric tone. Sometimes tone is achieved through contradiction. [Some types of tone are: forward, solemn, formal, informal, intimate, pompous, scholarly, angry, contemptuous, humorous, satirical, melancholy, prudish, flippant, cautious, sentimental etc.WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE NOVEL? 1. Literature is a mirror reflecting life.2. Literature can interpret life for us.3. Literature can sustain and console us.4. Literature is a source of moral guidance, and spiritual inspiration.5. Literature is the probable successor of philosophy and religion (Matthew Arnold).6. According to Aristotle and Horace - literature can foster virtue.7. Since the creators of fiction are teachers and artists, they can corrupt morals and undermine religion (Plato).STRENGTHS of the novel: WEAKNESSES of the novel: How the novel is framed, Steinbeck's self-consciousness, Uses of names and initials Ultimate terror of death lurks have meaning, at the edge, [175] More profound than 'knights of Portrayal and treatment of the roundtable: paisanos women, [96, 98, 175] are children of Mother Church, Anticultural inuendo: They recognize distinction "Oh Jew,..." [95, 174], between temporal (value Italians [42, 181], money), and eternal (value of Chinese [179], friendship), Blacks [27, 194], Excellent characterizations: Stereotyping of paisanos and appear humanly paradoxical, women. Women appear to be complex and flexible...

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806 words - 3 pages height of the clamor over the Grapes of Wrath, he went with his friend, who figures as Doc in Sweet Thursday and Cannery, on a scientific expedition to the Gull of California¡±(Moritz 398).Clearly Steinbeck¡¯s genuine love humanity shows in these works. Steinbeck rages from the romantic history of his first novel to the gayety of Tortilla Flat. ¡°Tortilla Flat far exceeded its publisher¡¯s mild

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592 words - 2 pages success. "Tortilla Flat," a comic novel focusing on Mexican-Americans, was his first literary success. The novel gave him the award of "Commonwealth Club of California Gold Medal for Best Novel by a Californian." The fact that both his mother and father died in 1934 caused the victory to be not without sadness.The 1930s provided Steinbeck with new material for his writings. The Great Depression, which was an economic trapdoor for the nation

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593 words - 2 pages life in Monterey County, which later was the setting of some of his fiction.Steinbeck's first novel, Cup of Gold was published in 1929, and was followed three years later by The Pastures of Heaven and, in 1933, To a God Unknown. However, these first three novels were unsuccessful both critically and commercially. Steinbeck had his first success with Tortilla Flat in 1935, an affectionately told story of Mexican-Americans told with gentle humor

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1780 words - 7 pages spent the last fifteen years of his life spending time with Elaine, traveling to Europe, and releasing a major book almost every year (Bloom 14). Elaine and Steinbeck moved to New York. After several heart attacks, Steinbeck died in 1968 (Bloom 14). While Steinbeck wrote many books and became popular with the writing of Tortilla Flat, in 1937 the publication of Of Mice and Men would be the start of his best works (John Steinbeck: Grapes of Wrath

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1807 words - 8 pages first critical success did not come until he published Tortilla Flat in 1935 (“Biography of John Steinbeck”). Tortilla Flat was a humorous story of Mexican-American’s lives and it won the California Commonwealth Club’s Gold Medal, for best Californian novel (“John Steinbeck – Biography on Bio.”). “As his career progressed, his work grew more serious and powerful in its social criticism. In Dubious Battle, the stories of The Long Valley and

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937 words - 4 pages $250. This book, called Cup Of Gold, failed to make a profit. Steinbeck did not get discouraged. By 1935, he released a novel called Tortilla Flat. This novel earned him recognition as well as money. Steinbeck was paid thousands of dollars for the film rights to this novel. From this, Steinbeck went on to write many more great American novels. These novels include Of Mice And Men and The Grapes Of Wrath which were both written in the late 1930's as

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1019 words - 5 pages California. (Stephan) Steinbeck’s first popular successful novel was Tortilla Flat (1935) which he wrote after the dust bowl in 1935. After working with the migrant workers Steinbeck published three novels in the 1930’s about the labor class: In Dubious Battle (1936), Of Mice and Men (1937), and what is considered the finest of his works, The Grapes of Wrath (1939). In the early 1940’s Steinbeck won the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award for The


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1309 words - 5 pages novel The Grapes of Wrath (1939)His first successful book was Tortilla flat, which received the California Commonwealth Club's Gold Medal for best novel by a California author.Source: National Steinbeck Center. "About John Steinbeck-Biography" National Steinbeck Center. April 24, 2003.3. Name three other books written by Steinbeck.The Grapes of Wrath, Of Mice and Man, East of EdenSource: Stephan, K. "Tortilla Flat." Western Washington University

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