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GREAT REPORT VERY INTERESTING GOOD TOPICI choose this topic of tortoises because I have four of my own. I would like to learn more about them and maybe different types of things I could do to make their lives better. I have Desert Tortoises but I would also like to learn about many other types of tortoises and their shapes and sizes.I have four big tortoises and four baby tortoises. Sammy,Scooter,Grumpy,Red, and the four babies which are about five months old. A man at the Water District gave us are first tortoise Sammy. Soon coming that year we found Grumpy on the side of the highway with a big crack in his back. We took him home fed him then took him to the veterinarian early the next morning. They patched him up and we got to take him home but we had to give him a shot every meal for about a month. That's where he got his name he didn't like the shots much and would hide away in a corner after them. Scooter and Red are Desert Tortoises but a different kind. They are more oval shaped which gives us more of a variety. They seem to like fruit more. Sammy and Grumpy mated and Sammy laid her eggs in a deep burrow between two rocks. The eggs hatched somewhere in between seventy to one hundred and twenty days. We found the first baby tortoise in the front yard and that's when we knew we had to have a complete search of our backyard and the front for the first day before we blocked up even the tiniest of holes in the gates with wood. We searched the yards for about two weeks just in case of any of them were hiding. We found five total but one was already dead in the road. It was ran over by a car days earlier before we found the first tortoise. The other four are healthy and growing bigger everyday. We feed them in the afternoon when I get home from school or when my mom gets off work. They not only walk slow but they eat slow too. I think it's a great experience to own Desert Tortoises and if you can I would get one for yourself.Tortoises are in the family of the Testudinidae. Tortoises live on land and are mostly vegetarian reptiles. A few forms of Omnivorous. In some places tortoises represent slowness, determination, and long life. There are about forty-one living species of tortoises. The majority of them live in Africa and Madagascar .Some ways you can tell the reptile is a tortoise are by their high dome like shells, heavy elephant-like hind legs in which their toes are very short and do not have any webbing, and hard scaled front legs. The color of a tortoise is mostly shades of brown, olive, yellow and black, brown and black, mostly yellow, scutes plain or commonly patterned with bright rays or concentric rings. They have leathery to brittle shells depending on the tortoise.Some of the types of tortoises could be the species of the Giant Tortoises. They are now rare or extinct because man destroyed their habitats or because pigs, goats, or rats ate their babies. Some of the Giant Tortoise weights have been recorded as about one hundred eighty...

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