Torture Is Acceptable In Certain Circumstances

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Torture: the action or practice of inflicting severe pain for punishment or to force them to say or do something (Oxford Dictionary). Torture can be mental or physical , but is it alright to use torture at all or is it inhumane? If a terrorist knew where the bombs placed throughout America were located. This man is refusing to give any information to any of the interrogation techniques. Just hours away there will be an explosion killing millions of people throughout America alone. Every detective working (secretly) on this case has tried every interrogation technique they were ever taught, even some they made up their self. Although there is one that they have not done. Would torture save the lives of millions of innocent men, women and children? This essay is going to state the reasons why torture should be acceptable in certain situations.
First, torture can be used to quickly gather reliable information.Most criminals all have a wide mind set of information. A fugitive under pressure may give officers more information than they even knew to ask (Messerli 4). The correct information is important in generally everything. The reliability of information can make or break a sports injury, or it could save or kill many lives. Torture gives the tortured many reasons to tell the right information. If the criminal gives the correct data it can guarantee many lives (Messerli 1). A common question when dealing with the topic torture is, “Why would criminals give in to torture?” Well, Criminals, fugitives, terrorists, whatever you decide to call them are also people. All people no matter what your feelings are can although feel, therefore no matter who the person, torture would be painful. Human’s natural instinct is to stop the pain, mental or physical. Therefore, the tortured would give correct answers the first few times to make the torture stop all together (Messerli 3).
Although, unfortunately there are no set rules for equal torturing. Most nations do not take it to kindly when they become aware of torturing of their citizens in another country. Revenge can be a very painful thing. Knowing that America is torturing not American citizens may make other nations become angry. This may conclude in other nations torturing our own troops (Pedia 4). Torture does however sabotage international laws (Pedia 1). “Torture is universally condemned and whatever its actual practice, no country publicly supports torture or opposes its eradication” (Human Rights 2). Torture also strongly violates human rights (hrea...

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