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Tortured Souls Essay

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Walking up to a tall black steal gate with a bocay of roses in my hand. The only kind of flowers I bring to the sematary with me. No one else ever brought roses. They were suppose to live longer, but with me nothing seemed to stay alive. To the right a sign read, Castaway Sematary of Richmond Virginia . I opened the gate with my scrapped up hand, connected to my lifeless arm, attached to my body that held my tortured heart, that was overlooked by my emotionless face. "Here we go again". Stepping into the sematary, the sharp green grass that embedded the graves felt taller that usual. I guess Mr. Hallaway hadn't mowed the lawn yet. He always gave me a weird stare whenever I entered the ...view middle of the document...

I noticed my heart ice over every time I lost someone close to me. When my aunt died which was about two years ago, my heart iced over just a little bit. Then when my dad died the year after, it iced over a little bit more. Now that my mom is gone its completely frozen and then some. My mom was my life, she was my best friend. My mother always told me "No one can make you happy and no one can make you sad. Only you have the power to make yourself happy, and only you have the choice to make yourself sad". She always taught me to respect myself, to love myself for who I was. To reach for the stars and never look back. She taught me that with hard work, in Gods time, you will succeed at whatever, when ever. All those things stayed with me that day. I placed her hands on her stomach and kissed her forehead. Tears fell from my face and rolled down hers.
Soon after my eyes dried out and I promised to never cry again. I just stood against the wall in the hospitals lobby. Looking up at the ceiling with my eyes closed shut asking God "Why, why me?" I open my eyes and took a seat. I glanced across the room and see Raymond Dewayne Johnson. Ray was the best wide receiver in the NFL. He played for the Richmond Banshees. He was one of the biggest players out there in my opinion. Some may call him a ladies' man, but I just call it disrespectful. He always got what he wanted; women, cars, houses, you name it he's got it. No wonder people loved being around him, he sure was nice to look at. Impeccably tight bone structure, glowing brown chestnut skin, plump pink neutral lips, glazed over hazel pretty eyes, buff athletic shape body and a nice wardrobe to show it off. My eyes wouldn't dare move, they were so fixed on him. I just stared , and then his eye caught mine and just stared right back. I wonder what he was thinking when he looked at me. Oh how beautiful she is with that bushy curly hair, and that dark-light flawless skin . He didn't give me just any kind of stare, it was a stare as if he just found his new mission. I didn't think much of it, I had no feeling anymore towards anything or anyone. Everything was just a distant blur when it came emotions for me.
My eyes finally caught off glance when these two supermodel replicas came in and sat on either side of him. They were tall, fit but slender, long legs and a pretty faces. I mean I was right up there on their level, I just had better curves. They both crossed their legs towards him. They both were trying to make him feel better about something but it just seemed like flirting. I quickly got up out my seat and walked towards the door leading outside. The sun beamed in my eyes and blinded me like I just awoke from a dark sleep. Outside felt like a whole new world. It tried killing me, shooting me three times in the heart but I'm still standing. I then felt this big hand grab my arm. When I turned around I saw Ray. "Excuse me" he said. I just stared at him with a blank face. "What's...

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