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Torture has been a practice used to inflict severe pain in the victim as a way of punishment, revenge, cruelty towards heretics or to get a confession. It is prohibited all over the world by law and it is a violation of the human rights, in other words torturing is seen as unacceptable and barbaric. This represents a problem in our modern society because in extreme cases where a confession could save thousands of lives and the only way to get it is by torturing the perpetrator, is seen as a violation of the human rights. Another speculation is that torture is morally wrong and does not comply with the ethics that our parents taught us as children. Also, it is difficult to resolve this dilemma since it affects us in many ways. It is left to the public to decide whether it is the right thing to do in life or death situations.
Throughout history, torture has been present since the second century but it was only used on slaves until then. It has been mainly applied as a way of punishment towards those who committed a crime, during the medieval times, and specially heretics and witches during the inquisition. Initiated by the Catholic Church, the inquisition is perhaps the most salient piece of history involving torture as a method of interrogation and ecclesiastical imprisonment. But in the modern world things have not changed significantly, torture is still practiced, possibly with the same purposes from the past even though numerous laws were passed to prohibit it. We might not know about the cases but when it comes to saving the citizens from a terrorist attack, where a bomb has been hidden and he will not confess where it is, the only way of obtaining an answer would be torturing him. The methods used are depriving the victim from their clothes since being naked means vulnerability, this adds shame and helplessness. Part of the psychological abuse is immobilizing the victim to create fear and desperation, impotence. Then interrogation proceeds and burning, cutting, striking, degrading, mutilating or executing occurs. During prisoner interrogations it is avoided the use of methods that could leave marks or evidence of injuries. This is only done to prevent future attacks but some people see it as a violation of the human rights, because even though terrorists are criminals, they still have rights as any other person. But the argument is only based in a black and white view of the things because it is more logical to sacrifice a life to save thousands of them than to have a massacre.
As children we are taught the principles of knowing the distinction of right and wrong by our parents which it is known as “train morality” because we instinctively follow the same path our parents did. This becomes a general idea of what is good and bad and if anyone begs to differ then they are not accepted by the community or they get judged. To some people torture is morally wrong due to the fact that is inhumane and it goes against the moral code, even when...

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