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Charles Barthelemy- Total Quality Management Various well known companies such as Taco Bell have implemented Total Quality Management programs in an effort to increase quality and market share. This begins with the general manager, as TQM must start at the top to be successful. TQM is about listening to your customers and empowering your employees to participate in important business decisions.Taco Bell, with the implementation of a Total Quality Management system, has improved its speed of service, friendliness of service, and value. This company has done this by empowering employees and using customer input. By having their employees participate into the system, Taco Bell has also decreased employee turnover by 63%. To Implement TQM, there are six areas that need to be focused on. The first area is measuring quantitative results of various surveys and studies. With this company's can base their future decisions. This information could come from a simple survey card, seen at every chain restaurant, like at the Aramark cafeterias on campus. The second area to be focused on is empowering the employees. To allow the employees to be involved in the team effort. This makes the employees feel responsible for their actions. This is what many franchises lack. If management treats employees in a respectable manner, the employee will turn around and treat the customer with respect too. The third area that needs to be focused on, which is the main focus of a Total Quality Management. TQM is to eliminate errors before they can occur. Systems cause about 80% of all errors. So, if the system is error free then the employee has a less of a chance of making mistakes. Next comes the integration of management into the process. Total Quality Management implies that management must be part of the program. If not, the employees will not respond properly. Employees will follow the lead of the management team.Last is to do what the customer wants. Just like the saying, "the customer is always right". There is no sense in serving only fried chicken if the customer demands a more health...

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