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Total Quality Management (Tqm) Challenges In Implementation

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TQM is essential to be used by all the companies especially the manufacturing companies who have the responsibility to ensure about the quality of the product. TQM is being viewed as the boon and it is an approach for improving the quality and customer satisfaction in the long run and also reduces the amount of waste ( There are various components which have to be addressed in implementing the TQM they are Ethics, integrity, training, trust, teamwork, communication and recognition (

Improvement in the quality is a continuous process; by discontinuing the continuity will shatter the business competitiveness in the market. Generally, six sigma, lean and Kaizen are being used for continuous improvement by the companies. But in case of manufacturing companies, they need to be more calculative and carful in the continuous improvement is essential but the company should be cautious in not investing in destructive research. It is not possible for implementing the TQM in all process (Ashkenas, 2013).

In manufacturing industry bringing in a new technology or changing the product design etc., will cost more to the company. In this industrial segment procuring appropriate resources for the implementation of continuous TQM through any change is great challenge even change in the composition is difficult in some companies especially for metallurgic companies. Change in the resource status has great impact on the service industry (ARAUJO, JOSÉ AUGUSTO DA ROCHA DE; Costa, Reinaldo Pacheco da, 2004, p. 4).

The main challenges in the manufacturing companies are in the following stage of product development.
• Product designing, in this stage for continuous quality improvement the parameters of the design gets changed and the level of tolerance gets altered. This is very difficult for the manufacturing companies in implementation stage.
• Manufacturing the process design also faces the same challenge in the optimization of the product (ARAUJO, JOSÉ AUGUSTO DA ROCHA DE; Costa, Reinaldo Pacheco da, 2004, p. 4).
• Next is the manufacturing where quality analysis will get changed and pose as a great challenge of any product to pass the quality teams norms. This will consume more time and will increase the wastage.
• The spectrum is from the customer service point of view, by changing the terms and conditions for improving the customer satisfaction may end up in company facing more issues in long-run.

Manufacturing company faces more static problem in implementing continuous improvement in the TQM of the company. It will be a great challenge in implementing the targeted output at same input cost and in serving the requirements of the improving TQM (

In this case, development of SPC system by the company is a result of continuous improvement in the TQM. This system is considered to be a boon for quality monitoring in...

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