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Total Quality Management Within this report I will discuss the need for Fresher Plc to implement Total Quality throughout its organisation. This will mean that there will need to be an understanding of what Total Quality Management is, what approach to take and how the company will have to change to make it work.The aim of TQM is to ensure that each activity contributes to achieving the key objectives of the business, and is carried out efficiently. The basic philosophy of Total Quality is "do the right things right first time". "It is estimated that the costs of not getting the right things right first time, the non-conformance costs, can amount to 25% of turnover. Eliminating this unnecessary burden will enable companies to improve profitability in the short term and enhance competitiveness in the longer term" (Implementing TQM, Lesley Munro-Faure). Quality is used to describe many things, a car might be described as a "quality car " when in reality, it is an expensive or luxurious car. Therefore it is important to define precisely in what context it should be used. Quality can be defined as total conformance to requirements : these requirements are the total customer requirements, not just a product or service specification. TQM generally requires a change in how a company operates. Quality must be the priority of every employee and for their efforts to be focused on the prevention of errors. The underlying principles of TQM include Focusing the organisation on satisfying customer needs Developing and tapping the full human potential of all employees Including everyone in the efforts to find better ways Managing business processes, not just functions or departments.Fresher Plc has numerous problems within its organisational structure. These problems have led the way for the company to lose its hard earned customer base. These problems can be placed into a number of categories which must be worked on by the tools of TQM for the business to win back its customer base. It is necessary for them to remember that reputations for poor quality last for a long time and that reliability is the ability of the product to continue to meet the customer's requirements over time, which the company clearly hasn't been doing.There are clear problems with Fresher plc. However the main issues involved are the ones that address management style, customer-supplier satisfaction, employee morale and conformance to customer requirements. All these are problems, which must be solved in order to establish Total Quality throughout the company.There are a several major factors which are relied upon by TQM so that it will be successful. These are Teamwork and Commitment along with good communication. However before the actual employees and company processes can be adjusted it is necessary that the management know exactly what the are striving to do and what results need to be achieved.To begin with Total Quality starts with Marketing due to its responsible for determining...

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