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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY "How can I see flies in my eyes when I've got flies in my eyes?" -- Joseph Heller "" Catch 22 In a turbulent economic scenario as the one that we are currently facing now, most often companies are unable to gain a holistic perspective with reference to themselves. They are unable to figure out where they are, what they are doing wrong and what it is that they should be doing in order to survive the challenges of the Economic Downturn that they face. The true challenge for them lies in "˜Managing Businesses during Economic Downturns'.The only certainty that exists is that there is a great deal of uncertainty for businesses everywhere. And it is to deal with this uncertainty and Recessionary tendencies thrown up by an economic Downturn, for the purposes of Survival and Growth, that the model of "Total Quality through Human Resource Management" is proposed.This model may be broken down into three sections, which include the Concept and Usage of Total Quality Management, the Idea and Components of Human Resource Management and the Implementation of Total Quality through Human Resource Management.Total Quality Management is an all-pervasive concept and spans all the functions, processes and activities undertaken in an organization. It focuses on Incremental and continuous improvement that is oriented and directed towards the achievement of Customer satisfaction. This is of special relevance during economic Downturns when the retention and satisfaction of existing customers is of great importance. TQM helps by not only Increasing Productivity and making Processes and Personnel Increasingly effective and efficient, but also by providing cost effective and competitively priced products to the customer.Human Resource Management is a critical success factor in the Management of any organization because all activities and strategies are ultimately dependent on the skills and competencies of the Human Resource to carry them out efficiently and effectively.Thus Total Quality Implementation through Human Resource Management affects the entire gamut of all activities, tactics, processes and strategies that an organization employs during the course of its business. It attempts to streamline and reduce redundancy, inefficiency and waste. It institutionalizes the process of Change Management and maps a course for the company to put systems in place that will allow it to adapt and adjust itself to any shifts in the Internal or external environments.INTRODUCTION Economic Downturns require organizations to look at newer ways of improving their performances in order to survive. This can be done through many ways including by: Improving Capital Efficiency Better Supply Chain Management Diversification Mergers & Acquisitions Expansion of Capacities Consolidation Business Process Re-engineering Six Sigma The "Total Quality through Human Resource Management" Approach to managing businesses, encompasses most of the above strategies. And the role...

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