Touch Football Participation Sociology (Explained Using Figueroa's Framework)

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Touch FootballParticipation SociologyHypothesisThe main level of inequity, after applying Figueroa's five level framework of equity, and studying the survey information, all aspects of the framework were found to affect the participation, but the main level being the institutional level.IntroductionTouch is fast and skilful game attracting participants of all shapes and sizes, genders and backgrounds. Touch began as a training game for the two rugby codes during the 1950's and 60's it was never seen as a sport in its own right.Today touch enjoys a healthy level of participation both on a national front, with World Cups and Trans Tasman competitions as part of the representative calendar.Despite the popularity of the sport throughout Australia, ILC has struggled to lure significant student numbers to their school teams. This report endeavours to identify the major sociological rates at ILC.Sociologist Figueroa developed a framework, which allows for exploration and a greater understanding of equality issues, which exist in society and for the purpose of this report, those that are promoted in the ILC community. These levels are cultural, structural, Institutional, interpersonal and individual.This framework has formed the basis of this report whereby the major equity issues, which influence the participation in touch at ILC, will be identified and thoroughly discussed.Methods of researchResearch for the report was targeted at the aspect of inequity between the participation of Touch football inside of Immanuel Lutheran College (ILC). Gathered data or statistics was going to be an essential factor, so a survey was created for parent's, coaches, teachers and students that are associated with the school. The survey was limited, though because the students who did the survey consisted of only grade 11's. A range of internet sites and handouts from class were also used.DiscussionTouch, or as it is formally known as Touch Football, comes from two Rugby codes, Rugby League and Rugby Union, and was ideally used for training. Even though the skills of Touch are close to those of these two sports, there is no body contact at all. The game is generally focused on running and agility, with hand passing and catching as main skills. Touch is played with the aim of moving the ball towards the opponents score line by running and passing the ball backwards to your teammates. The Rugby tackle has been replaced with a simple 'touch' by the defender followed by a play the ball action (a roll- ball). Because there is no rough play, getting dirty on the ground or likely injuries to occur, touch is a great mixed sport ideal for both boys and girls.So why is there so little participation in the game touch at ILC?To answer this question we must take a step back and have a look at Figueroa's five levels of inequity:1. Cultural2. Structural3. Institutional4. Interpersonal5. IndividualIn these five levels we will be able to identify the main contributing factors for the lack...

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