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During this term, we have studied of both the theory and practical part of the game. We have researched ways to improve our fitness level as a sportsmanship. We researched on the kind of training that we need and what kind of fitness component is most suitable for us in pairs and individual. The practical covers the major parts of the task as an individual. Having the fitness component chosen for our fitness level, we then choose a specific position in Touch football, Middle, Link or wing and improve on the chosen profile.
Paragraph 1:
Touch football is a minimal contact game played by many people of different ages and genders. The aim of the game is to score a touchdown/tri by moving the ball towards opponent’s score line. The attributes needed to play touch comes from the three components position, Middle, Link and Wing. Which are agility, versatility and speed. One of the main factor in touch football is communication as well as the knowledge of a strong defence. A good handling kills such as passing and catching is one of the important skill in touch because when using different types of tactic, passing and catching skills plays the major role.
Ph 2 :
During the first few weeks of the term, as a class we testified the overall level of our fitness consisted of couple of different performances in health related fitness. We performed this fitness test so that in playing touch football, as an individual we would be...

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