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Touching The Void Essay

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In June 1985, British mountain climbers Joe Simpson and Simon Yates ventured the unclimbed western face of Siula Grande, a 21,000 ft. high peak that is located in the Peruvian Andes. Simpson and Yates were both aware that what they are aspiring is nearly impossible because if something gone wrong it can be serious, which may lead to death, and there is no rescue available; in addition, mountain climbers before them who attempted to reach the mountain’s summit never achieved this goal. However, this didn’t stop them from climbing the west face of Siula Grande. They want to climb the mountain mainly because “it was just brilliant fun.” (2009). When people are aware that they are getting their selves in a detrimental situation, they still continue to do what they want to do. In my opinion, I believe people behave this way because they just want to try something extraordinary or they want to prove something to someone; but in Psychology, people behave this way because of motivation. Motivation is defined as the process “that makes a person move toward a goal.” (SparkNotes Editors, 2005); a motivation can be intrinsic, extrinsic, or both. Intrinsic motivation is a type of motivation which causes an individual to act or engage in activities to enhance their self-concept, while extrinsic motivation is a type of motivation that causes an individual to act in such a way for external awards. In Simpson’s and Yates’ case, they are both experiencing intrinsic and extrinsic motivation; despite of getting their selves in danger, they still yearn to reach the mountain’s summit because of interest, enjoyment, and rewards.
Furthermore, Simpson and Yates met a complete stranger named Richard Hawking who is from Lima; Hawking has been travelling on his own so Simpson and Yates offered Hawking to join them to climb the mountain, but Hawking refused as he has no knowledge about mountaineering. Consequently, Hawking was left alone looking after Simpson’s and Yates’ camping kit. Moreover, Hawking likes Yates more than Simpson possibly that is why Hawking agreed to watch over their camping kit. This is the psychology of persuasion where Yates has the likeability factor:
I got to know Simon quite well. I don't know whether it was because of his personality,
or whether it was because he was more forgiving towards me, being a non-climber in
that environment. But I found it very hard to get to know Joe. (2009).
As Simpson and Yates climb the mountain, their autonomic nervous system that comprises the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are active; the sympathetic nervous system prepares the body for emergency action, slows down the digestive process, and activates the release of hormones so that the body can act rapidly, while the parasympathetic nervous system helps the body to conserve energy, promotes the digestive process, and slows the heartbeat (SparkNotes Editors, 2005).
On their way down the...

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