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Tough Obstacle.This Essay About My Personal Experience About Learning The Writing Skills With The Help Of My Mother.

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When I read this essay title, I didn't know which one to pick. Since the day we were born, we started to have experiences. Some people make mistakes during their experiences, but they will learn a lesson or benefit from the experience. An unforgettable experience that I will never forget is my experience with writing. When I was very little, I had a problem with my writing. I would say that I really paid a lot to earn my writing skill. What I paid was not money and they were even more valuable than money. There were time, my hard working, and love from my mother. That's why this experience has become my unforgettable experience.I'm a Chinese born in Vietnam. I went to Vietnamese school because I lived and grew up there. By the time I entered first grade, my teacher complained about my writing. I usually found writing lessons as an unpleasant, frustrating struggle. I was doing very well on other subjects, so I began to dislike and feel anxious about writing. During the first week of school, other students and I were assigned to write our name ten times. I started to work right after my teacher gave us the assignment. When it was time for recess, I was the only student who hadn't finished. As a six-year-old child, I tried as much as I could. My teacher was angry and jumped to the worst conclusion when seeing my incomplete work. She kept me inside and told me to work harder while other kids were playing outside. She thought that I did not try hard enough, but I told her that I couldn't work any faster. In the end she thought it must be a lie. I was judged as a lazy and dishonest studentAt the time, all I understood was that I had done very badly on my assignment and should have been able to do better. I knew I wasn't lazy, I could only conclude that something was wrong with me. I thought I must be no good at writing. I thought I was a bad writer, and I was afraid to write because I was sure I would fail.The next day my mother was very worried, and she tried to make me do writing assignments. She didn't give them to me often, for they were miserable ordeals for both of us. Sometimes, she tried to find ways to make writing fun. She had me practice penmanship by writing favorite phrases in pretty colors. She asked me to write short stories twice, and for a while had me keep a journal. Unfortunately, none of these worked. I was too afraid of writing to be able to put my imagination or my differentiation into it. Whenever I had to write, I became listless, uninspired,...

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