Toughest Duty: The Role Of Legislators

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Almost every state has a Congress, which consists of a Senate and House of Representatives. It is not always easy being one who represents the people, but as a Legislator that is exactly what their job is about. They have to make laws, represent their people, and to oversee the bureaucracy. But what job takes up the most time and attention for a Legislator? A Legislator has a very precise definition. According to the Webster’s New World Dictionary it is defined as stated: “ 1. Of legislation or a legislature 2. Having the power to make laws (Agnes)”. But again that is not their only job, there are two others that are quite important in making our government run smoothly and efficiently.
My local Legislator is Emanuel Cleaver, II. He is a Democrat and is now in his fifth term of office in the United States House of Representatives. He was first elected in 1991 and has done many tasks to improve my local community. “He and the City Council brought a number of major corporations to the city, including TransAmerica, Harley Davidson, and Citi Corp. Cleaver also led the effort, after a forty year delay, to build the South Midtown Roadway (“Full Biography”).” Bringing major corporations to the city he has provided jobs and a way for citizens to provide for themselves and their families. Along with helping with jobs, he has brought on many projects to help improve our downtown area. The first one being, the South Midtown Roadway in 2000 and the most recent one being the creation of the Green Impact Zone in 2009. “The Green Impact Zone is aimed at making this high crime area the environmentally greenest piece of urban geography in the world (“Full Biography”).” This project included rebuilding Troost Avenue, rehabbing bridges and sidewalks, and most importantly, bringing hundreds of desperately needed jobs in for Green Zone residents. Along with his projects to improve our community he also has his three main duties as a Legislator.
As a Legislator he is currently serving on three different committees in the House; Financial Services, Subcommittee on Housing and Insurance, and Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations (“Emanuel Cleaver II’s Biography”). Along with Financial Services, the jurisdictions he has includes; economic stabilization, defense production, money and credit, urban development and many other duties. In Financial Services, he sponsored a key vote for the Chemical and Biological Weapons Bill. He helped the bill pass, which help it be push forward to becoming a law ("Emanuel Cleaver II's Biography."). As a member of a Subcommittee on Housing and Insurance, when a bill come through dealing with an issue under this title, he and other members go through and discuss the bill to see if it should pass and become a law.
Making and forming laws can be especially hard, when trying to improve everyday life for Missourians. Anyone can come up with a bill, but the Legislator has to write it up as a bill and present it to congress (Firestone)....

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