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Argumentation EssayOne of the biggest arguments these days in the sports world is should college athletes be paid or not. To preserve the competitive nature and the "college environment" student athletes should not be paid. College athletes go to school for a reason, education. Universities or colleges should not have to spend money on top of giving the students an opportunity to set up their future. With natural born athletes, they already have a competitive drive within themselves so monetary supplement would not be an issue. Colleges or universities are a pathway for a bright future to any young man or woman.One reason college's athletes should not be paid is that they receive money from scholarships and basically go to school for free. Hypothetically speaking, a high school student who is very good at football received several offers (scholarships to play at their school) from very big name schools. He accepted an offer to a large university and now, is the starting defensive end for them. He goes to school, gets his education for free and also gets to play the sport he loves. Statistics involving total scholarships and revenue to the schools seem to be similar as the revenue feeds the scholarships. Playing for such a big school in football some people may say that scholarship money isn't enough because tuition is small compared to the money they bring in. The money that they bring in goes towards their scholarships, food, and clothes they wear. With all that is earned, a big chunk goes toward them and the free education and traveling. Some athletes don't get as much attention as ones from bigger schools. Athletes from smaller schools still receive attention and money, just not on as large of a scale.They go to school to be student-athletes, with their role as a student coming first. If the athletes were being paid to play there, it would turn into a job for them. Students-athletes get scholarships to get a free education and should focus on that and becoming successful. One could argue that anyone on that high of a level playing a sport should be paid. Their schedule and what they go through day in and day out is like a job and the workload on their shoulders is tremendously large. Being a college athlete myself,...

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1146 words - 5 pages The strong persuasive essay consists of the proper use of Aristotelian appeals and well oriented arguments constructed by means of Toulmin model of rhetoric. Using those techniques, Michael Chang, the author of the article “America’s Failing Education System,” attempts to convince the reader that the U.S. secondary educational system is poor in math and science because of the inability of secondary school math and science teacher, eventually

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2145 words - 9 pages bridge that the speaker uses to connect the data to the claim. In other words, the warrant is the underlying set of inferences (asserted or assumed) that connects the pieces of the rhetorical argument. It authorizes the relationship between data and claim (Toulmin, 1958). By adding this crucial and often missed piece to the compositional puzzle, one can see how it transforms an assertion into something that can be broken down, analyzed

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737 words - 3 pages academic argumentative research paper. The main components of this paper were a proposal, annotated bibliography, and the paper. This argument synthesis was focusing on a topic of interest in our career field. Though we learned about the Aristotelian, Toulmin Model, and the Rogerian style argument, we were required to write it in Rogerian style. In an Aristotelian style argument, the three main factors influencing the audience are logos, or logic

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1795 words - 7 pages use rhetoric to help make people support their argument. Although rhetoric has many rules and many different formats one of the most well know and organized format is known as the Toulmin method. With the two pieces of work and using Toulmin’s method of rhetoric we can evaluate and discover who makes the best argument and why. Today when we say we are having a guy’s night out we think of grabbing a beer with your buddies and watching the game

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1094 words - 4 pages evident, as the hecklers were constantly calling out and distorting the information transmission. In this talk, Mutahajid's main claim was that the Islamic concept of masculinity regards women within relationships and marriages more fairly than Western men do, despite misconceptions the media create. Using the Toulmin Model of communication, it is evident that Mutahajid has used a variety of grounds to support this, including evidence from the


3127 words - 13 pages most of the multiple points presented in C5. Since it is a persuasive essay written with the Toulmin model, I was able to scribe an argumentative argument that C5 mentions. Since the paper involves the perplexing idea of what exactly a morally exemplary life entitles, I was able to expand upon a “complex central idea.” Since the essay required me to garner data from the various sources involving ethics and morals, I was able to incorporate

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1094 words - 4 pages …?” The Genre of Argument. Ed. Irene L. Clark. Boston Thomson-Heinle, 1998. 141-143. Clark, Irene L. The Genre of Argument. Boston Thomson-Heinle, 1998. McFadden, James. The Toulmin Method..:From Classical Logic to Modern Argumentation. [PowerPoint Slide]. 5 February, 2004. Buena Vista University. Storm Lake, IA.

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1228 words - 5 pages 1. The Toulmin Model exercise that our class did at the beginning of the unit, played the biggest part in my understand of argument and writing an argument paper. It was very interesting to learn in such a fun approach. I recall myself and my partners (Stefanie and Alexis), using the toulmin model( warrant, backing, qualifier), to solve a mystery murder case. We also created another argument based on the television show Jersey Shore. After doing

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830 words - 3 pages purpose of punishment - a purpose which can be met by other means” (Prokosch, 1998). Following the Toulmin Model of constructing an argument, I feel that the claim being made, that the death penalty is inherently unjust and dehumanizing, is well organized and clearly stated. The data being used to support the claims are, for the most part, clear and concise. The introduction of more advanced DNA testing and advocacy groups for wrongly

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1309 words - 6 pages course of education. The analyzing of Fish’s argument follows the Toulmin argument technique, which contains of claim, reason, qualifier, warrant, backing and rebuttal. Fish claims that it is not the universities job to interfere with moral and civic knowledge of a student, but provide the information needed for the student to develop the skills for evaluating and conducting a free moral, political, ethical, or social view. “The job of someone who

Thank You for Smoking?

1090 words - 4 pages . In future works, it would be advantageous for Brimelow to be aware of these fallacies and to find a different means of approaching his rebuttal so that another strenuous effort will not be diminished into an unsuccessful attempt to disperse his beliefs. Works Cited Brimelow, Peter. “Thank You for Smoking…?” The Genre of Argument. Ed. Irene L. Clark. Boston: Thomson Heinle, 1998. 141-143. Clark, Irene L. The Genre of Argument. Boston: Thomson Heinle, 1998. McFadden, James. Introduction to Toulmin Method. Lecture. Sept. 13 & 14, 2003. Buena Vista University. Storm Lake, IA.

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1038 words - 5 pages as a guideline for the organization of the work. I will be walking you through the steps of the Toulmin model in the following paragraphs. The Toulmin model begins by making a claim. The claim is the main idea of the paper. In other words, the claim is one’s argument. Wilson’s claim states that while there should be more gun control laws, they will not work (Wilson 125). Wilson does not state his claim straight forward. Readers have to read

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1106 words - 5 pages Argumentation is to have a claim. A claim is what the argument is attempting to prove, or the main idea of the author. (The Toulmin Model of Argumentation.) Dr. Knight claim is a claim of policy so he is asserting that members of secret societies should not be elected to political offices or have positions of power such as law enforcement. Knight claims that all secret societies are working towards the same end, to have a “New World Order”. He claims

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1087 words - 4 pages and objective of the webpage. The texts were analyzed as to their merit in communicating a persuasive argument to the audience, as it is a vital factor to be considered when mass and effective distribution of information is the objective. The Toulmin model of argument was used to evaluate the effectiveness of the texts in communicating their message to the audience (See appendix 3 and 4 for full evaluation of texts). Both

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870 words - 3 pages British philosopher Stephen Toulmin adds six terms to Aristotle’s shaping of an argument. The six terms are the claim, grounds, warrants, backing, qualifiers and the rebuttals. Toulmin proclaims that these six terms can be used to analyze arguments and can also be applied within any argument. Emanuel LL, CF von Gunten, and FD Farris are all authors of “EPEC Participant’s Handbook” they make use of all six of Toulmin’s terms in this