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Toulmin Argumentative Essay About Whether Humans Should Eat Animals Or Not University Essay

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Practical and Moral Justifications

Practical and Moral Justifications

It is often said that we are what we eat. Yet not all people eat the same type of food. Interestingly, some people take it to the extremes, to the point that they face health risks. Indeed, obesity has become a concern that many people are now trying to adjust their eating habits. Some of them have found refuge in vegetarianism, which is basically a diet that consists of food directly grown from the soil. Vegetarianism has practical and moral justifications that make it a viable dietary option for people, especially those who are concerned with their health and the welfare of animals.
A practical justification for vegetarianism is that it helps people become healthy. In essence, a vegetarian diet rejects the consumption of meat and meat products. As a result, a vegetarian will not eat fatty food, thereby reducing the person’s risk of having certain cardiovascular diseases and even the possibility of obesity. This is because the cholesterol and fat found in many meat products are known to cause heart problems, and it no longer takes rocket science to figure it out since it is already an established medical fact. It may also be said that a vegetarian diet can help improve a person’s mood. In fact, one study shows that eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis can help improve the overall feelings of a person by reducing feelings of stress (MacClellan, 2013, p. 61). This means that a strictly vegetarian diet can increase the happiness of a person. Given these things, vegetarians have two practical benefits: they become physically healthy on one hand, and they also become happy individuals on the other hand.

Another point is that vegetarianism is morally justified. For example, by avoiding meat, the rights of animals are respected. As one study points out, this is because animals are sentient beings (Garrett, 2007, p. 226). Indeed, many of the types of animals that people consume are capable of showing perceptions of certain feelings such as pain. Cows, pigs, and chickens, among others, are often slaughtered. In the process, the animals struggle and exhibit pain, which indicates suffering on their part. Vegetarianism removes the suffering of animals. Indeed, vegetarianism promotes animal welfare. By letting animals live in their natural way instead of interfering with their lives by slaughtering them for food, the ecological balance is retained. There will be none of the so-called brutal and highly commercialized animal farms that simply raise animals in oppressive conditions for the sake of food.
Not all people are convinced. Some may say that a diet that only consists of plants is unhealthy due to limitations in nutrition (Nobis, 2002, p. 139). The reason is that fruits and vegetables are incomplete in terms of other essential nutrients and minerals. Saturated fat, for instance, is still an integral component of a healthy body, and it can be...

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