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Tour Commentary Essay

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Text (4) titled ''The Journey into Africa'', is an extract from the San Diego website (2008) that discusses and endorses the availability of an exquisite African tour designed to give tourists the opportunity to witness the diversity of wildlife and biomes present there. This text aims to promote this tour through the San Diego Zoo website by means of listing and describing the types of scenery tourists are likely to encounter during the tour. This promotion is done through the articulation of the text, and more specifically, through its purpose, targeted audience, tone and diction, imagery and structure.
Throughout the text, the purpose seems to revolve around providing information about ...view middle of the document...

Thus, the sensationalism associated aids in taking Africa's scenery to a whole new level. All these factors contribute in persuading tourists into joining this tour. In fact, the unique descriptions provided with regards to the stops of the tour depict the superior and sophisticated culture of the tour and African scenery. As for the reader, he/she can recognize the appreciation given to the environment and to the visitors of the Continent. The tour revolves around the stunning animals of Africa and the kind of diversity a tourist must see on a visit to Africa. Consequently, the reader feels that the tour satisfies tourists' needs and wants by showing them the finest places in all of Africa.
The text addresses tourists who wish to visit Africa and roam around its touristic attractions. Tourists are usually attracted to places and events that give countries or continents their distinctive characters, and as it is commonly-known, Africa's extraordinary safaris are one of the main factors that distinguish Africa from other continents. The San Diego Website is clearly online, and for that reason, all tourists can access it from anywhere at any time. Phrases such as ''As you approach your tour vehicle'' (line 3) and ''Board the African Express and begin your Journey into Africa Tour" (line 7) make it clear that the text actually addresses tourists in particular. Also, the website lists unique African sites, ranging from ''dense forests'' (line 6) to ''vast savannas'' (line 6) that a tourist would generally visit. The wildlife that is going to be observed during the tour is that of ''giant herons, ostriches,'' (line 10) ''impalas, white-bearded gnus'' (line 19) and many more African animals with remarkable adaptations. These sites and animals differentiate Africa from other places and attract tourists into joining the tour. Moreover, the website claims that the tour gives a ''glimpse of the amazing diversity found there'' (lines 1-2). These traits allow the connection of tourists to Africa to continue to rise during their stay, as these stops will leave everlasting memories and pictures in their minds. The emphasis placed on ''the amazing diversity'' of Africa aids in the decision-making process of the audience, as to whether they should join the tour or not. The amazing diversity would draw the attention of the audience because it gives them the confidence they need in the tour. This glittering generality of having to join this tour and having an unforgettable experience evokes the emotions of excitement and enthusiasm in the audience. These affect the audience's intuition and will therefore, make them lean towards the idea of the safari. After being exposed to the details of the tour, the reader would feel that the choice provided is an ideal one that tourists must join. The reader is also exposed to the wonders of Africa in this website, since the main features of Africa are being listed as stops during the tour. Thus, the reader is educated...

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