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The Neurological Outcome of Behavior Therapy for Reducing Motor and Phonic Tics in Patients with Tourette Syndrome
Carlo Castillo
Tourette’s Syndrome is a neurological inherited tic disorder characterized by multiple motor (physical) tics and at least one vocal tic. One of every 360 children 6 through 17 years of age have been diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome in the United States today. This study will be conducted to find the effects of Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics treatment on adults with Tourette’s Disorder. CBIT treatment is a non-medicinal treatment and its main focus is to reduce daily “tics” in the affected person. The treatment consists of three major components. Training the patient to be more aware of tics, training patients to do competing behavior when they feel the urge to tic, and making changes to day to day activities in ways that can be helpful in reducing tics. This treatment will be administered by a trained therapist in a span of 8-10 weeks. The participants ages will span from 18-30. Eight individuals with TS will participate in the CBIT group. Eight healthy participants (also with TS) will participate in a Control group. The CBIT Group will attend to these...

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