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It is generally agreed that tourism is fragmented. It is made up of various sectors or subsidiaries such as transportation, accommodation, attractions, amenities, catering, entertainment, eating and drinking establishments, shops, activity facilities (Leisure and recreation), and many others. These sectors provide products and service for individuals or groups o tourists who travel away from. Consequently, tourism is an amalgam of the products and services that its various subsectors make available or tourists. The provision of these products and services depends on the linkage between various sectors and their mutual interactions.

Tourism is the most wide-ranging industry, in the sense that it demands products rom many sectors of the economy (Edgell, 1990) and employs millions of people in different sectors. For example, airplanes and buses must be manufactured to transport tourists; computers must be produced to make hotel booking and airline reservations; Steel, concrete, and glass are need to build hotels and restaurants; fabrics are needed to make cloths; meat, wheat, and vegetables must be grown to feed visitors. No other industry has so many linkage and interactions with so many sectors of the economy (Edgell, 1990), and delivers so many different kinds of products and services to consumers.

Suppose we take a tourism provider as the example for this paper. Without any doubt they should have some sort of service which posses some competitive strategies. According to page et al (2001) in Williams and Buswell (2003) the careful management of the tourist experience is an absolutely vital and complex requirement. So here some examples of services and experience which can provide by a tourism coordinator are follows:

Activity Holidays:
Summer holidays
Winter holidays
Astronomy tours:
Eclipse tours
Northern lights
Cultural Holidays:
Angkor wat
Machu pichu
The pyramids
The ferracotta warriors
Natural wildlife:

African safaris
The Galapagos
The great migration
Tiger spotting

The collection:

Adventure a float collection
Culture and discovery collection
Nature and wildlife collection
Walking and trekking collection

Trekking holiday:

Annapurna treks
Everest base camp treks
Kilimanjaro trek
The Inca trail

Walking holidays:

European walking holidays
Worldwide walking

Importance of Service Quality

Leisure and tourism managers need to know more than how to mange, and even how manage quality. There is a product involved and the service structures the way it is delivered; quality management is also the process of ensuring that it is...

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