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Tourism Essay

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Terrorism attacks have negative impact on tourism industry. We live in very uncertain times. Terrorist attack may happen any time in any country. One of the best known attacks in the UK took a place on 7th July 2005 in London. It was a series of attacks, which targeted people using the public transport, during the morning rush hours. Information published by Sarah Teather MP states that attacks cost the UK tourism industry about £500m.
Terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon in Washington that took a place on 11 September 2001 had big impact on tourism in the USA. Number of tourists traveling by air dropped by almost 50%. This attack caused the first year of negative growth in the travel business for two decades. 39% of people surveyed said the 9/11 attacks would affect their travel plans. In another survey, run in 2007 by Crotts et al, 84% of respondents stated that they would be less willing to travel because of terrorism.
Tourists prefer safe countries, and terrorist attacks always cause a drop in tourism number visiting the area. Fortunately, the effect is usually short-term.
1.2. Membership of the European Union
In 1973 Great Britain joined the European Community. It has resulted in governments having to comply with certain rules and regulations. This resulted in the easy flow of tourists between Member States. That definitely increased the number of inbound tourists visiting the country and contributed the industry.
Poland is an example of a country whose tourism has largely benefited from joining the European Union. Opening of the borders was associated with a significant increase in the number of tourists visiting the country. What is more, the standard of services has increased and moved closer to those present in other Member States. In 2004, when Poland joined the European Community, the number of inbound tourists in the country increased by 18,8%. European Union fundings helped with development of tourism in the country, what attracted more tourists.
1.3. Disability Discrimination Act
Under this Act, any service provider who provides a service to the public in the UK has duties under the DDA. This includes holiday accommodation, tourist attractions, restaurants and transport providers. Service providers only need to make changes that are “reasonable”. These might include simple changes to layout, using large print for registration and guest information, remove barriers that may prevent a disabled person using or accessing a service, an alternative low desk for reception, staff training which can improve accessibility to disabled customers, providing a copy of the fixed menu in Braille and phones with large buttons.
Making the services more accessible will not only benefit disabled people but could encourage recommendations and return visits, what will bring more profit to tourism industry. DDA improved holiday experience not only of disabled people, but also the friends, families and any carers...

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