Tourism Around Us Essay

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Tourism is one of the biggest issues that lie down upon us. People throughout the world find the beaches as one of the tourist cites. Modern employers believe tourism is a good thing, while families around that area, believe tourism is a bad thing. Every little detail differs for each person's position in society. The way they approach the issue would be different than the way another person approaches the issue. Tourism bring huge amounts of profit for some people, while it also brings distractions for others. Tourism does not only affects those things, it also affect the ground and the nature of the beaches. There are many types of tourist attractions; the more you have of them, the more tourists you will encounter.

People who work with or for tourists play a huge role in the community. The people who work for tourist attractions are people who work only a part of the year in that position. They do seasonal work, which is "a job that someone does for part of the year. For example, a beach ice-cream seller may only work for a few months in the summer" (Rivers and Coasts). These people usually work in the lighthouse or beach safety for people. "Many people who live and work by the coast are involved in tourism. They own, run, or work in hotels, guest houses, caravan sites, self-catering cottages and bed and breakfast accommodation...Tourist attractions is something that attracts people to a certain place like nice sandy beaches" (Rivers and Coasts). "The wide sandy beaches at Huntington Beach, California, just south of Los Angeles, attract residents and visitors alike. Typically, more than 5 million people visit these beaches each summer, helping to support a regional tourism industry of $80 million annually" (Xu). Huntington Beach is huge today because of the features it has. The money that Huntington Beach make usually goes to the community and the construction of the city for more tourist attraction. "Physical features like beaches, sand and cliffs attract people to the coast" (Stoneham). For the tourist workers to attract people, they usually give this nice, calm paragraph that describes the nice views of the beach. These people try to persuade the tourist to accompany them into their hotels or residential areas, etc. by putting us some attractive descriptions. An example is shown as follows:

"Discover paradise in Huntington Beach, California. Year round Mediterranean climate, eight and one-half miles of uninterrupted beachfront and brilliant sunsets that highlight California's finest pier, provide the perfect setting for your dream vacation or corporate gathering.

Explore the largest wetlands preserve on the California Coast. Dine at one of our bistros or sidewalk cafes, then take a romantic stroll, walking hand-in-hand along the sand. From bonfires at our...

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