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Background &OutlineAfter World War II, a republic was set up in the southern half of the Korean Peninsula while a Communist-style government was installed in the north. During the Korean War (1950-1953), US and other UN forces intervened to defend South Korea from North Korean attacks supported by the Chinese. An armistice was signed in 1953, splitting the Peninsula along a demilitarized zone at about the 38th parallel. Thereafter, South Korea achieved rapid economic growth with per capita income rising to roughly 20 times the level of North Korea. South Korea has maintained its commitment to democratize its political processes. In June 2000, a historic first North-South summit took place between the South's President KIM Dae-jung and the North's leader KIM Chong-il.GeographySouth Korea is located in Eastern Asia, on the southern half of the Korean Peninsula bordering the East Sea/Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea. South Korea, at 98,480 square kilometers, is slightly larger than the American state of Indiana. Two hundred and ninety square kilometers of South Korea are occupied by water. The approximate coordinates are 37° North, 127° 30 East. Being on a peninsula, the only bordering country is North Korea, where 238 km of boundaries separate them. Much of the country's border is coastline, about 2,413 kilometers.ClimateKorea has four seasons .In late March spring begins with rainfall at times in a light drizzle to May, The summer is hot, rainy, and humid. The monsoon season begins in late June with the heaviest rain being in July. Autumn is from the end of September to November with dry weather as air blows from the north. The autumn leaves are beautiful. The winter weather is cold with some rain or snow.People and PopulationKorean is descendants of the Mongol tribes yet they are a homogeneous people who have their own language culture and customs. The Korean people are very generous, warm, kind, and very friendly. Other than in Seoul and major cities, they don't see a lot of foreigner. The Korean people can be very shy and will come up to you and say hi and then run away. Then, others will want to talk to foreigner because the younger generations are trying to learn English. The older generation can be leery of foreigners since throughout Korean history they have been invaded and under subjection of foreign rule.Language in KoreaThe Korean language is of the Ural-Altaic family. This includes Turkish, Hungarian, Finnish, Mongolian, Tibetan and Japanese. The written Korean language is very simple with 10 vowels and 14 consonants. This language is called Hangul and is easy to read and write. It was invented by King Sejong in the 15th century and has increased literacy rates since that time.Korea FoodA diverse array of foods and dishes can be found throughout Korea.Korea was once primarily an agricultural nation, and Korea have cultivated rice as their staple food since ancient times. These days Korean cuisine is characterized by a wide...

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