Tourism In An Ledc Is Likely To Generate As Many Costs As Benefits

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Tourism in an LEDC Is Likely To Generate As Many Costs as Benefits

Tourists flock to destinations for two main reasons, to see either
primary or secondary resources. Primary resources are sites and places
that where not built for the sole use of tourism, this also includes
natural features such as beaches and places of outstanding natural
beauty. Secondary resources are any features that pull tourists into a
country and where built with that aim, for instance theme parks and
attractions (these are more common in Developed Countries due to the
large capital required to build them). Tourism is now the worlds
biggest industry, one in which every country in the world wants to
play a part in. unfortunately larger more developed countries have the
upper hand due to large amounts of capital that can be invested to
create secondary resources and improve access to primary resources.
Less economically developed countries now wish to become a large part
of this industry and therefore improve there economy. In recent years
many previously unused areas have become tourist honey pots either due
to there spectacular scenery and culture or due to relaxed government
legislation. In this essay I will show both benefits and costs that
can come from tourism in Ledc's using a wide variety of examples and
techniques. My aim is to prove that tourism has as many drawbacks as
benefits and cannot be solely relied upon for economic stability.

Kenya is well known world wide for its extensive nature/game reserves,
these spectacular natural features come under many threats, hunting,
agriculture and tourism all take there toll on the fragile
environment. Tourism in Kenya is a $600,000,000 industry and supports
over 175,000 jobs. This is Kenya's largest source of income. The
tourist industry thrives in Kenya, large amounts of visitors come to
see the reserves, relax on the white sandy beaches and swim amongst
the coral. 50% of Kenya's population is below the poverty line, and
with 75% of the population based in agriculture it is easy to see why.
The tourist industry although it only employs a small percentage of
the population provides the largest income. Since the early 1980's
tourist developments have shot up all over the coast in Kenya,
supporting tourists who wish to spend there holiday on the beach then
travel to see the reserves such as the Masai Mara as a series of day
trips. Although this may seem a positive factor it is Infact a
negative factor. This style of package tourist does not give a lot to
the Kenyan economy, most trips and hotels are owned by large foreign
investors and as such large amounts of leakage occur. This has a
detrimental effect on the economy, we use the natural features of
Kenya and in many cases destroy them but we do not pay any significant
amount to the people for use of there...

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