Tourism In Pacific Asia Essay

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INTRODUCTIONAs a recently appointed manager of the Southern Cross Group 5 star international hotel chain I have been asked to discuss the importance of and issues relating to Cross-Cultural management in Avarua, Cook Islands. This report will investigate the cultural, economic, political and social environments in the Cook Islands, identify tourism developments and the important role cross-cultural management plays with both employees and guests.ENVIRONMENTSThe Cook Islands are a nation comprising of 15 islands spread over 2.2 million square kilometres of ocean in a hurricane zone in the South Pacific. (Douglas. N & N. 1987, total population of the Cook Islands is said to be 20,811(July 2002 est). More than half live in Rarotonga (13,000) where the Capital is Avarua. (Arnell D. Wolk.L 1993, Bruce. J 2003,,"Cook Islands have a special charm and scenic beauty" (Douglas N & N 1987 page 149)that hosts a diverse and unique cultural environment. This is shown through family ties, music, dance, language and religion.Cook Islanders are friendly Polynesians. There greeting is "Kia Orana (key-o-rah-na), meaning, "Here's Life." (Hello -you may live) (Arnell D. Wolk.L 1993, Bruce. J 2003)The extended family system was a way of life for Cook Islanders. However due to changes in lifestyle and technologies families are travelling more and distancing from one another. For example girls are now moving away from their parents before marriage and the respect for elders is diminishing. Although there is still pride, care and respect between relatives. "On the one hand, there is change; on the other, renewed respect for our past and its wisdom and traditions." (Sir Geoffrey Henry KBE Prime Minister. cited by Arnell D. Wolk.L 1993. page 6)."Not so long ago, one would never go out without wearing an ei katu (head crown of flowers or leaves). It was part of everyday dress. A flower behind the ear signified your marital status or availability." (Arnell D. Wolk.L 1993).Giving is a special part of Cook Islands life. It is still customary for family members to visit one another and 'pick drinking nuts or collect dry coconuts.' Family graves are also often found in gardens adjacent to homes in the Cook Islands. ( Arnell D. Wolk.L 1993).Music plays a significant role in the lives of Cook Islanders in chants, prayers, songs and dances. The importance of instruments are shown through the names given by their owners and are played on special occasions. (Arnell D. Wolk.L 1993).Dances too, play a significant role in Cook Islanders' lives. There are a variety of dances all symbolising a special event or story with variation between each island. Dances take place through out the year, especially at Constitutional Celebrations. The dances are performed in solo, all male, all female or mixed groups. (Arnell...


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3713 words - 15 pages Entrepreneurs: Development, National Policy and Entrepreneurial Culture: Indonesian Cases. Cognizant Communication Corporation, New YorkHall, CM & Page, S. (2000) Tourism in South and South East Asia; Issues and cases. Butterworth-Heinemann, OxfordHall, C. M. (1994) Tourism and Power: Policy, Power and Place. WileyHarrison, D., (eds.), (1992), Tourism and the Less Developed Countries. John Wiley, Chichester, UKHitchcock, M. - (2000) Bali : a paradise

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