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Tourism Statistical Data Essay

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• Undertaking a capacity study and elaborating an international standardized system to gather tourism statistical data. This will help to analyze the tourism industry and its market. This statistical information will reflect different aspects of domestic and international tourism such as number of travelers, number of overnight stays, purpose of travel, types of accommodation, economic value of expenditures, etc. These studies will not only help to work out the big picture and determine the future model but they will also eliminate possible negative aspects which will bring in continuous improvements. We should not forget that tourism statistics are relatively new in Albania. For this reason the MTCYS should ask for technical support from experienced agencies or even countries. Together with the MTCYS the local institutions should create a tourism database. It will not only serve as storage for all the information regarding tourism but also these data will be accessible to researches and businesses. Researches will evaluate the information and will provide advice, while the businesses will be informed of the possible investment areas. The MTCYS should allocate financial awards or easy somehow the fiscal responsibilities of those tourism operators and businesses who rigorously submit the required data for the database;
• Developing a marketing and promotion strategy with year-around promotional campaigns that will serve as image creator and will be used in the local and international market. This strategy should be focused not only in the domestic arena but even in the international ones. It is very important to raise awareness among the public and private sector and the NGOs as well. The more we extend the net of actors in this process the more results we are willing to get. For a feasible marketing and promotional strategy we should make use of the date gathered by the capacity study in regard to the possible markets, their characteristics and expectations. The local institutions should not only cooperate with the government but also with the private sector and make an efficient use of the new technologies to increase the chances of reaching the costumers world wide. We should be very careful in not developing a mass promotion but a sustainable one. As part of the promoting activities we should use movie production as an instrument. Like in the case of The International Human Rights Film Festival in Albania (IHRFFA) which educates people with the human rights concepts. The local government should cooperate with Academy of Film & Multimedia Marubi or other professional agencies to produce promotional movies with touristic purposes;
• Raising the regional tourism awareness within the Korça County community for the socio-economic importance of tourism development. Also, create community awareness on the cultural and artistic values and the heritage of the region. It is important to spread across the country the routine to travel inside the...

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