Tourism: The Fastest Growing Industry In Panama

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As the years pass Panama is receiving more tourism, which means more money is coming to our country. In theory, tourism is the fastest growing industry in Panama. According to statistics provided by IPAT
“(STATISTICAL REPORT 1997-2006), in 2006 the industry earned him the nation's economy figure of $ 1.45 billion. This amount represents 9.5% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Panama”

Based on statistics it is known that every year more visitors come to Panama to meet and enjoy all the marvelous things our country offers. So this means that tourism is increasing by every lapse of time. As many places to visit in Panama, Boca’s Del Toro is one of the favorites.

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This place has been compared to other places thought out the globe, but none is as incredible as Boca’s. Starting the journey on the principal island on the archipelago called isla Colon that, currently it is the center of tourism development in the region, can be reached from boat or from a plane flight taken in the capital of Panama with Air Panama Company. Boca’s offers a big variety of hotels and all kinds of tours for every visitor’s interests.

It has all kinds of sites, touristy circuits, activities and events. Every island offers different kinds of activities, do to the diversity there are different types natural attractions like coral reefs, beaches, wild life and rainforests. Tourists feel attracted to go to Boca’s because of its diversity of cultures, it is known
that there is a high variety of people from all parts of the world living there or visiting. From European and Asians to Indians and Panamenians.
Right now one of the biggest things that is happening in Panama is the economic growth, a start of new businesses adding to this a big factor that is tourism, and Boca’s is 2nd most famous and visited place in Panama that people want to encountered.

It has been calculated that almost all the visitors that go to Boca’s are mainly people from United States or Europe, also what happens is the people come from Costa Rica to Panama to visit. The reason for this kind of visitors is because of the different weathers other countries in which Panama is unique of having. Other reasons may be that they don’t have access to the sea, fauna, flora and beaches. There is evidence of this, based on the massive tours in Boca’s that are made by people from Costa Rica that say that basically Boca’s is part of Costa Rica.

Their is evidence that tourism is growing more and more every day in this province, do to a counting of tourism cards made in 2005 it has summarized that basically:
“The number of tourists who entered Panama by Guabito outpost in the province of Bocas del Toro, between February and July this year increased by 55.2%, according to statistics provided by the Panamanian Tourism Institute. Most of these tourists come from the United States or Europe, to extend your trip from the neighboring country of Costa Rica to Panama.”

It is perfectly known that Boca’s is developing more and more as tourist place increase in their sector, now is known that there will be a second place that will provide flights to Boca’s that would be the airport of Rio Hato in the

province of Panama Oeste. The topic of tourism has become so important that there has been an increase in investment and even presidential forums of only the improvement of tourism in Panama.

Immigrants love Boca’s, Why?
Prices, for a Panamanian is obvious that buying a ticket to Boca’s is very expensive taking in consideration the distance and service of the company. However, for immigrants these prices are cheap because Panama is one of...

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