Tourism Within The Clare Valley Destination Of Australia

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Executive Summary
The report has generally highlighted the various aspects of tourism within the Clare Valley destination of Australia. The various highlighted aspects included a general overview of Clare valley, characteristics of the tourists and the factors associated with the high demand within the destination.

1.0 Introduction
Tourism is a very significant industry for the economy of Australia. During the 2010/11 financial year, for instance, the industry represented approximately 2.5 percent of the country’s growth domestic product at a significant value of about 35 billion Australian dollars to the Australian economy. This is the same as the tourism industry ...view middle of the document...

3.0 Overview of the types of Visitors who Visit the Clare Valley Destination
According to the South Australian Tourism Commission (2012), Clare Valley receives both spatial and temporal visitors. The spatial visitors comprise both the domestic and international tourists whereas temporal visitors comprise long term and short time, often described by stay-over and excursionists. The destination, however, predominantly receives domestic tourists, who are often categorized as either from the intrastate and interstate. According to the annual visitor summary (June 2010-2012), 98 percent (113,000) of tourists visiting the destination form domestic tourists, with 68 percent (49,000) being from intrastate and the remaining 30 percent (5000) being interstate. The international tourists, on the other hand, occupy a statistically unreliable number of about 2 percent of the tourists visiting the destination.
Tourists’ visit this particular destination are also classified in terms of their length of stay with the statistics showing an average of 4.4 days stay for international visitors, 2.0 for intrastate, domestic tourists, and 2.2 for the interstate, domestic tourists.
Annual Visitor Summary June 2010-2012
Intrastate Interstate Total Domestic International Total Visits
Visits 113,000 49,000 161,000 5,000 166,000
% 68% 30% 97% 3% 100%
Nights 226,000 106,000 332,000 22,000 354,000
% 64% 30% 94% 6% 100%
Average Lengths 2.0 2.2 2.1 ...

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