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Touristic Destinations: Tourist Motivation Essay

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When people travel to a destination, they sure have some motivation to motivate them to make the decision. ‘Motivation’ is the key term that will make the tourist to consider the reason to travel around. During the decision making process, people will consider some of the reasons before they confirm travel to a destination. The research that has conducted in The Netherland found out a remarkably high propensity to travel, 70% of the populations are taking one holiday per year and 24% was taking two holidays per year for holiday. Some of the people will affect their decision making by looking at destination image or some of the impact advertising. On the internet, business people will use ...view middle of the document...

For a tourist, they will think about the economic for the country. They will consider the economic growth in that country whether positive or negative. If there is nothing happen, the currency in that country will be good and the tourist will consider travel to that country. If that country has some politic problem or war, tourist will not consider it. It is because they need to make their safety during their holiday.
Tourist Motivation
There is a motivation to motive the tourist travel around too have their holiday. Tourist motivations play a major role in destination choice. (Frank, 2003) An argument stated from Moutinho (1987), which is a state of need, a condition that exerts a push on the individual towards certain types of action that are seen as likely to bring satisfaction. (Page & Connell, 2009) People travel around it is because the psychological factors, which is needs, wants and goals. (life, n.d.) Based on the Maslow (1943) have defined that human needs. He mentioned about five classes of needs or motive Figure 1. Maslow Hierarchy (Saul, 2007)
This Maslow hierarchy theory in chapter 1, the author has briefly mentioned it. But now the author will further explain how it will relate to the topic. In this hierarchy there will be five important element related to the human needs, such as physiological needs, safety needs, belonging and love or social needs, esteem needs, and self- actualization. For physiological needs, it is the need of the air, water, food, exercise and rest. (Page & Connell, 2009) People consider to travel around because there want to release stress and some of the people they want to enjoy their time with their family. Nowadays, people who work in the city, they will be a lot stress. Holiday can help them to reduce all the stress.
For safety needs (Page & Connell, 2009), which mean they want to have a secure and safety destination to travel. For tourist, some will say that Malaysia is not a safety tourist destination for them to travel because they saw those crimes where happen in Malaysia. But some of them will think that Malaysia is a safety place because there is no war in this place. Belongings and love or social (Page & Connell, 2009) needs it show that the need of being loved, belonging and friendships. People travel because they want to have some times with their family. Normally people working in the weekdays and half day in Saturday. On Sunday, those people who working just rest for a day in their house. They won’t go out to any place to travel, because they feel very tired for working the five and half day. And also that, working people want to spend time with their family.
For esteem (Page & Connell, 2009) needs which is self-esteem or esteem for others. This is the need for self-esteem (Page & Connell, 2009), power of recognition and prestige. These needs are met through achievement, recognition, promotions and bonuses. The last element is self-actualization. This need is for own...

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